A Simple 5 Step Morning Ritual

October 11, 2016
Start your day off right. image: murielle marie

Start your day off right. image: murielle marie

Boo – Flu season is here and I just hope you’re not sniffling as you read this.

It’s not just the colder weather that gets us sick. It’s our tendency to take our bodies for granted, repeatedly over scheduling and over committing.

Society has us programmed to keep doing, doing, doing.

When was the last time you turned your cell phone off or had a complete day to do nothing and I mean really, nothing?

That’s what I thought.

Although you may not have the luxury to do nothing all day, there is a simple way to sneak in self-care time, resetting your adrenal system to keep you balanced and healthy.

It’s called a Morning Ritual.

It’s exactly what it sounds like. A ritual you do every morning, kinda like brushing your teeth.

Here’s a glimpse into what my Morning Ritual looks like. Please use it as an inspiration to start your own or integrate it into what you already do in the morning. The purpose of your own personal Morning Ritual that it’s nurturing, effective and most of all, easy.

  1. Get physical – Since I’m a quintessential pressed-for-time New Yorker, I do an at-home yoga sequence with www.yogaglo.com. If I have the luxury of time that day, I’ll try a 45-60 minute sequence. If not, it’s a 10 minute class, and believe me, 10 minutes can make or break your day! Even doing jumping jacks in place for 2 minutes can help you rev up your chi and start your day off right.
  2. Sit quietly – I hesitate to use the word meditation as many people run for the hills when they hear that word. There’s no mistake that our minds are busy. It’s not easy to quiet, but if you sit, preferably with your eyes closed, you can allow your thoughts to just come in and out. Just let them be and most importantly, don’t judge them or yourself. Remember, you’re not meditating, you’re just sitting quietly. Again, 2 minutes can do wonders.
  3. Give thanks – Your expression of gratitude can be for one thing, it can be for many. It can be as simple as, “thank you for another day” or as complex as you like. The goal is just to have a smile on your face and really FEEL the words, “Thank you.” Say the words out loud or quietly to yourself. I like to vocalize as your voice is creation and when you’re grateful, good things just keep coming your way.
  4. Set your Intention – What do you want as a result of your day? Is your intention to have fun? To connect with a certain person or just to have a peaceful day? Setting your intention before anything – your day, a call, a meeting, can change the energy in a very direct and positive way.
  5. Make an Offering – This is a gesture in the physical world vs something transcendental that you would not be able to see with your eyes such as setting an intention. I have an altar and I like to light an incense to help keep me focused and bring a grounded scent into my space. Another suggestion may be to ring bells to elevate the vibration of your space/home.

It sounds like alot, but this can under 10 minutes in the morning. If you can do this every morning for 27 days – a very auspicious number in Feng Shui – you will start to see the effects almost immediately. Your physical and emotional health will thank you.

Your turn!

Tell us about your morning ritual and what your intention is. When you start your morning ritual, let us know how you feel and what changes you experience in yourself and your life. 

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