Creating an Awesome New Year – Part 2

January 10, 2017

Happy New Year! Here we go, part 2 of creating an awesome 2017. There is SO much swirling around right now about how to friggin' make changes, start new things, set goals, oy. It's already overwhelming, isn't it? My question to ask - you and myself - Resolutions - Productive…

Do you C Wonder?

November 18, 2011

I could say that for my profession, it's important that I venture out for inspiration. I admit though that as…

Moon Cake Update

September 27, 2010

Obviously my first thought was not taking this picture!photos: L LanneauParents are awesome! In spirit of Moon Festival last week, my dear parents gave me some really beautiful and no-preserved-egg-in-the-center moon cakes. Here's to family!

Chinese Moon Festival

September 24, 2010

Chinese lanterns seen during the moon festivalphoto: southeastasia.orgAlthough the weather is still pretty steamy in New York, it's hard to believe that fall is already here. At least according to the western calendar. I know that most of us are bummed that the warm and carefree days of summer are…

Blue Moon, A Second Thanksgiving

December 31, 2009

Chances are, you are getting ready to head out for a night of celebrating. Or maybe you're just getting ready to hunker down, getting comfy to count down with Dick Clark - oops, did I just date myself? I meant to say Ryan Seacrest. I know, I know, what am…