Simplicity is the Answer

April 11, 2017

Damn, it's mid April already. Have you been feeling that way? Yup, Spring is here. Everything is sprouting all around us, energizing us and in Feng Shui, it's the time for New Beginnings. But do you feel…

Death Can Make You Great

November 11, 2015

“Each night, when I go to sleep, I die. And the next morning, when I wake up, I am reborn.”                                    …

Start Living a Life of No Regrets

May 12, 2015

If you were on your deathbed today, what would be the number one thing you wished you had done in your life?I know, not a super cheery way to start a…

AirBnB Feng Shui

August 20, 2014

Your ticket is booked and you're all packed. Last week, we discussed how to incorporate Feng Shui when you're a traveling' fool. Now you're ready to rent your place because your space is awesome, it has kick-butt Feng Shui and…

Do you love where you plant your feet?

April 22, 2014

Today is Earth Day, a very important day. We tend to forget what this beautiful ecosystem provides to us, only momentarily remembering global ecology when it hails in May. On this day, let's focus our energy on giving back…

Singing for Spring

March 20, 2014

No I won't actually make you sing, I was just referring to the song in my heart this glorious morning (although feel free to belt out a tune if that's what you feel!) We've waited so long for this day…

Put a Spring in Your Step

March 12, 2014

There's no denying that Spring is on the horizon. In NYC, we thought it would never come but our unusual east coast patience is paying off. Beautiful sunny days are squeezed between snow flurries and there's no…

Growing for Valentines

February 7, 2014

Valentine's day is creeping up on us. Mixed feelings arise, I get it. But it can be a fun holiday, celebrated however you like. Whether just a homemade dinner or a full blown dinner with a dozen…

Monastic Sunday (lots of pix!)

July 2, 2013

The craziness and the humidity of the city had us seeking out quiet and solace. We went to visit some friends upstate and took advantage of visiting the Chuang Yen…

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