How to be Rich Everyday

November 8, 2016
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image: pinterest

In Feng Shui, abundance isn’t just about money and physical possessions. It’s about optimal well-being, healthy relationships, feeling fulfilled in our jobs and family life.  When you have those things in your life, life feels abundant. Fortunately, there are easy ways to start bringing some prosperity chi into your life right away.

5 Ways to Cultivate Abundance/Prosperity in your life today:

  1. Activate an Affirmation – Creating an affirmation or a mantra can be a part of a very powerful meditation to attract abundance. Examples of abundance mantras would be, “I am a Money Magnet” or “Prosperity follows me wherever I go.” Hang your mantra in a place where you will be reminded to chant it daily and recite for 27 consecutive days (an auspicious number in Feng Shui that also gives you sufficient time to make something a habit). When done for 27 days consecutively, you will begin to feel a powerful change of chi or energy within your emotional and even physical state.
  2. Devote time to Spirit within – In our society, we often think that the source of our success and abundance is dependent only on ourselves. What if there was additional help that we could call on? You can invite help from within by starting a daily practice of the Morning Ritual. It is so powerful yet so simple. Here is a blog on morning rituals to help you get started:
  3. Surround yourself with Positivity – They say like attracts like. If you are seeking prosperity and a feeling of abundance, you need to surround yourself with things that make you feel good. This could be good friends who support you, projects that excite you, or music that automatically lifts your spirit. Keeping your vibration at its highest level possible will again, signal the Universe to keep sending more juicy goodness your way.
  4. Monitor your emotions – Your thoughts and emotions are connected to the universal mind of intention. You bring in what you are feeling. If you are feeling lack, more of the same will come in and vice versa. Awareness of where your thoughts go is a very important muscle to build to begin changing your relationship with prosperity. As you become more present, you will be able to discern whether your thoughts are of abundance or of lack. With this new skill, you can retrain yourself to focus on the positive results that you are welcoming into your life.
  5.  Implement a Feng Shui remedy- Initiate and attract abundance and success by using the powerful energetic vibration of bells to call in what you want. Sit for at least 5 minutes, close your eyes and do some deep breathing. Allow any thoughts to come and go and don’t judge them. Then the fun begins – visualize and feel what you already are attracting and with that good feeling, ring the bells 9 times in the morning and in the evening for 27 days straight. Try not to skip a day because if you do, you have to start all over again!

Your turn!

Do you currently have an abundance practices in place? Which tip are you the most excited to get started with?

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