Work With Me

Feng Shui is a portal to the life you’ve been waiting for.

“The work I’ve been doing with Susan has made me feel like myself again.
So much has changed since we started working together.
I was blown away by all that has changed in my life. It feels like a lifetime has passed
– Laura P.

Feng Shui Consultation

Aligning your outer and inner worlds
Receive a full evaluation plus remedies for how to enhance the flow of energy to release potential blocks. This may include the color of your walls, the layout of your furniture and letting go of physical and emotional ‘things’ that maybe affecting how you feel. See the 3 step process.

VIP Intensive

Together we make space for the new
Through meditation, intention setting and brainstorming, we get clear about the vision of your life and release the things that don’t align with that vision. Receive in-person support in tackling a closet cleanout, an office organization or a specific room makeover.

Feng Shui Business Coaching

Consultation + Expert Guidance + Support
Using her signature methodology, Susan works with her private clients to identify what’s keeping them stuck in their businesses and lives using their spaces as a compass.

You will learn how to manage the stress of owning and running a business. Susan gives you tools that you will be using not only right now, but for the rest of your life.

When you unleash the power in your space, you unlock unlimited earning potential. You will become a master manifestor.

Chinese Astrology Reading

Align with Your Power & Potential
If you understand how to use this knowledge, it has the ability to catapult you towards abundance and success.

In your reading we will :

  • Reveal what your specific “hidden” energy is for the year, allowing you to set the right tone for your life and business
  • Help you better understand your natural tendencies and preferences and learn how to use them to your advantage in personal and professional settings

Floor Plan Evaluation

Is This Space Right for You?
Save yourself time, money and potential headaches. An integral step to take before you sign a contract or put money down on a space. Together we evaluate your floor plan to see if your prospective home or office matches with your life goals.

Speaking Events

Elevate & Educate
Susan is available to speak to your class, office, or group about anything from Feng Shui principles to advanced topics related to space energetics. She loves teaching and her style is lighthearted, interactive, and inviting.

Customize Your Party

A Unique Experience
Gift you guests with customized Chinese Astrology readings at your special gathering.

Bring Susan in to your bridal shower, baby shower, workshop, private dinner party and any other gathering you might be putting together.

Gift Certificates

Give the Gift of Feng Shui
Want to give the gift of Feng Shui to a special person in your life? Gift certificates are available! All are beautifully designed and can be emailed or sent snail mail to the lucky recipient.

Gift certificates are not refundable but they are transferrable. Yay!