Slay Stagnant Energy with a Dragon!

April 30, 2014

One issue that people often find in their spaces is this feeling of "stagnant" energy. The chi or energy of the space is not moving and it feels like things are stuck. Ick, definitely not a good feeling. Movement…

Light up My Life

December 19, 2012

I love this time of year. Who doesn't love ambient stringed lights and a reason to stay indoors and eat warm comfort food? I fondly remember the glow of Christmas lights that hung in my apartment year round when I was…

Moon Cake Update

September 27, 2010

Obviously my first thought was not taking this picture!photos: L LanneauParents are awesome! In spirit of Moon Festival last week, my dear parents gave me some really beautiful and no-preserved-egg-in-the-center moon cakes. Here's to family!

Chinese Moon Festival

September 24, 2010

Chinese lanterns seen during the moon festivalphoto: southeastasia.orgAlthough the weather is still pretty steamy in New York, it's hard to believe that fall is already here. At least according to the western calendar. I know that most of us are bummed that the warm and carefree days of summer are…