About Susan

“Susan’s suggestions were spot on, and I found that when I directed my energy and focus on the areas in my life that she recommended, magic happened!! I felt more in-tune with my life’s passion and my calling than I ever have before.”
–Andrea, client


Susan uses the power of Feng Shui and space energetics to show you a map of where your energy is blocked then lays out a fun, doable plan to help you bring flow again. Her clients have exponentially grown their businesses, manifested dream homes, attracted The One and created optimal health for themselves.

There’s nothing you can’t create when you have the energy of your space on your side.

Susan came to this work through personal experience. After becoming a successful art director and then moving to an apartment that made her feel stuck and stagnant, she implemented some Feng Shui principles that made her life instantly flow again. To the order of expanding into a Manhattan design studio and hiring employees!

She’s passionate about working with people who want to create greatness in their lives but whose spaces are unknowingly holding them back.

Nice to meet you.

Susan at a glance...

  • Her maternal great-grandfather was a Feng Shui master in China!
  • 3-year certification from BTB Feng Shui Masters Training Program™ at The Open Center, NYC.
  • Chapter Director and Media/Communications Manager of NYC Chapter of the IFSG (International Feng Shui Guild) 2010-2012, the premier professional organization dedicated to Feng Shui.
  • Red Ribbon Professional, IFSG (International Feng Shui Guild).
  • Student and disciple of His Holiness Master Professor Yun Lin, the world’s foremost Feng Shui Master and leader of BTB Feng Shui School.
  • Studied with Steven Post and Barry Gordon, the first educators of BTB Feng Shui in the Western World.
  • One of the first Feng Shui experts specializing in Business Coaching guided by Feng Shui principles.
  • A Native New Yorker, she has also lived in Paris and Mexico, speaks French fluently, Spanish as needed, with a sprinkling of some college Italiano. You can find her at any local outdoor cafe, eating croissants, tamales or gelato if they are on the menu.
  • She’s a Catalyst/Rockstar as per Sally Hogshead which means that Susan is going to be your number one partner in helping you find each and every possible solution in the Universe, to get you to your goal. With a sense of humor and fun.