The ABCs of a Child’s Bedroom

September 14, 2016

Children need Feng Shui too! image: aura home

Sometimes, my brain just..shuts off.

I love writing on my blog and sharing Feng Shui knowledge with you, but I sometimes don’t have the brain cells to write (grammatical case in point here).

A recent project had me delivering a certain idea just through images. I LOVED this project. It was so fun, it made my heart sing, and it didn’t feel like work at all.

Upon hearing about my writer’s block, a brilliant friend of mine said,“if you don’t feel like writing, just post your photos. I love looking at your photos.”

Yes, an image speaks a thousand words.

Therefore, since it’s the beginning of the school year, I am going to share some Feng Shui tips for children through images.

Here we go!

Tip: Keep the room creative, yet serene.

image: brit morin

Tip: Keep the feeling of safety by draping or giving a sense of “cocooning”

image: boliggplus

Tip: Use organic materials as much as possible to keep toxins at bay

image: camomile london

Tip: Allow ample space for a workspace to permit unlimited imagination and learning

image: honestly wtf

Tip: Lighting is everything. Keep it bright for reading but subdued to promote calm energy and sleep

image: rebecca diy

I hope you enjoyed this version of my blog. Less reading, more seeing. Yay all around.

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