Creating an Awesome New Year – Part 2

January 10, 2017

Happy New Year! Here we go, part 2 of creating an awesome 2017. There is SO much swirling around right now about how to friggin' make changes, start new things, set goals, oy. It's already overwhelming, isn't it? My question to ask - you and myself - Resolutions - Productive…

A Simple 5 Step Morning Ritual

October 11, 2016

Boo - Flu season is here and I just hope you're not sniffling as you read this. It's not just the colder weather that gets us sick. It's our tendency to take our bodies for granted, repeatedly over…

Just Say No To Holiday Stress & Anxiety

November 19, 2014

Did anyone get the memo that November is almost over? Like clockwork, this time of year brings with it a feeling that life is forging full speed ahead. No holds barred. Life…

Creating Space

February 13, 2013

When people think of space in terms of Feng Shui, naturally one thinks of the immediate physical space. Living room, bedroom, office. Not often do we think about the space that encompasses the personal space between individuals, the air space, the…

Weather Report

February 9, 2010

Ancient Chinese Herbal Remedy Unfortunately these past few days, I've been feeling a bit under the weather. I guess that's no surprise considering the weather. So I decided to nurture my Chi back to health with some good old fashioned rest. My good friend Lea gave me the best advice…

A Ray of Sunshine

January 28, 2010

A bright giveaway by Robin's Egg Pink On this gloomy, rainy, slushy, snowy (where did that come from weatherman?) day, I need some cheering up and thought you might too. Call it a yang infusion if you will. So I thought it appropriate to share a recent find - The…

Part II: The Importance of Breath

January 11, 2010

Ideally how I'd be breathing all the time! So have you been holding your breath to hear why breath is so important in Feng Shui? The time has come! In Black Sect Tantric Buddhism Feng Shui, we base our practice on Chi, or Life Force, the Breath of Life. Every…

Part I: Where’s Your Breath?

January 9, 2010

A great morning ritual About two years ago, I was walking down the street with a friend. She cringed her nose and said,"Do you smell that??? Gross!" I looked at her and had no idea what the heck she was talking about. It was at that moment I realized I…

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