Laura Pena / Motion Designer and Animator, www.laodigital.com
I was going through so many changes in my life. I felt in a place of transition and thought I was never going to get out of my state of sadness. My biggest challenge was to recognize that things were going right in my life and to focus on what was actually working.

The work I have been doing with Susan has made me feel like myself again. So much has changed since we started working together. In one of our calls, I was blown away at all that has changed in my life. It feels like a lifetime has passed.

I have learned so much about myself and my rhythms. I am so much better at making myself a priority and making sure I am taking care of myself first so I can take care of others.

Susan’s approach is really unique. She is very intuitive, a great listener and I love how she can take big concepts and break them down into small, digestible parts. My vision for the way I want to live my life and the way I want to run my business are clear.

I feel like the Universe brought Susan to me and I am so glad I listened.


Stacy Stern
I did a good deal of research prior to hiring Susan to help me with Feng Shui of my home. She was recommended to me, and provided me remote guidance via Skype. I was delighted with her assistance. She is very knowledgable, professional, a great listener and provides customized advice. I really appreciate her approach which is positive and mindful of aesthetics. Susan is patient, caring, warm and generous. A pleasure to work with.

B. Sengupta

I love the energy balance in my apartment. I noticed it immediately. I’ve been spending a lot more time in the comfort of my own home.  I also got a new job with the title I wanted and a raise!

Overall… living my best life. Thank you so much for sharing your gifts with me!  My home finally feels like home and I’m feeling balanced again. I even walk around the city and randomly catch myself smiling at how great life is. 
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Michele Auguste / Photography industry
I had not had a permanent job in 4 years. Needless to say, I was lost, financially broke and consumed with fear. I was referred to Susan and immediately upon working together, I felt a shift. I found a full-time, permanent job after 3 weeks of working together!

I am going to continue working with Susan to get financially secure and guide me toward more of my goals. Susan is AMAZING! I love her energy – she is super perceptive and a delight to work with – I love her! I have already given her information to a bunch of my friends and colleagues.


Jane T. / Licensed Acupuncturist
I’m currently working with Susan for the 2nd time and both experiences have been amazing, super fun and most importantly, seriously effective. Susan has an uncanny way of finding the blockage in any type of situation, from work and love to organization and money, even public speaking. Once the blockage is found, inspirational and practical remedies are recommended and I’ve been floored by the results. In both instances, I have set concrete goals and within weeks those goals have been met. I’ve tried to figure out how Susan’s program works so well… is it the 3rd party perspective, her intuitive ability to pick out remedies that resonate so well, or is it magic? It doesn’t matter to me because really it’s perfect.

I highly recommend Susan and her Feng Shui Coaching program. The work is profound and the results are well worth the time, energy and money.

Carmen A. / Student
Before I worked with Susan, I felt scattered. Every time I turned around there was something to do or take care of that needed to be done now, in addition to the things that I hadn’t done from months before. I always felt overwhelmed since I was running around never feeling that sense of accomplishment which then led to feelings of inadequacy furthering my low self-esteem. My biggest challenge was setting the time aside to talk to Susan at first. I realized how soothing although counterintuitive it was for me to take a few minutes and think about how I felt in that moment and what my options were. I came to look forward to the calls.

Since working with Susan, I feel more in control of what I want to do. I have found that a few minutes here and there for self-reflection actually adds time to my day to fulfill my set goals for that specific time period. I have also found that taking a few minutes to deal with something right then and there saves hours of rumination and negative self-talk. I have become more self aware regarding emotions and where in my body they manifest. I have also learned to praise myself on little things that get done. I have also learned to balance and have more joy in my life. I can do decadent things like get a massage and know it is for my well being but will also trickle down to benefit all who I encounter that day.

I am using the tools that I learned from Susan to systematically organize my new life as I transition into a single woman again. I highly recommend working with Susan to help with any blockages in your life big or small – her method is applicable to business and personal life. And it’s FREEING!

Andrea Moss / Moss Wellness
I had my New Year’s reading with Susan last year, and it was so helpful in getting me prepared, grounded and excited for the year ahead. If you are interested in knowing where to focus your energy and attention, where to be cautious and where to be passionate, and how to find the most abundance success (not to mention beauty, love and fulfillment) in the year ahead, I suggest you RUN to your New Year’s session with Susan Chan!

Susan’s suggestions were SPOT ON, and I found that when I directed my energy and focus on the areas in my life that she recommended, magic happened!! I felt more in-tune with my life’s passion and my calling than I ever have before. I felt divinely guided and ready for big transformation – which is exactly what I got!

Susan promised a “prosperity” year for me, and man – was she right! Thank you Susan for boosting my confidence, helping me create more alignment in my life and allowing me to be guided to the right people and the right places at exactly the right time for a gorgeously abundant year (financially, emotionally, and spiritually). I am eternally grateful for you and this amazing work you do in the world. THANK YOU!!

Erika Prinz Freed / MS, Licensed Acupuncturist
Prinz Acupunture, NYC
I kicked off the last two new years with a Chinese Astrology reading with Susan and I plan to do the same this year. Her insight is incredibly interesting, practical and helpful, and serves as a guide to plan for and then nativate the year ahead. With the amount of information you receive, you can tell she puts a great deal of time and effort into preparing for your reading beforehand. During the call, she explains how your own Chinese astrology interacts with the energy of the year – information that helped me make the most of my potential so that I could thrive during the months ahead.

I love working with Susan because she’s the real deal: she knows so much about the art and science of Feng Shui and astrology and is passionate about what she does. Her knowledge and insight enabled me to better understand myself and the world around me so that I’m able to live a better, more empowered life. I’m so excited for my reading for next year!

Grace M. / Art Director
Grace is Everywhere
I found that my astrology reading ended up being extremely effective. When I look back since that reading, alot was accomplished. It enabled me to go after my goal of owning my own home and I did just that this year. For that, I feel so lucky and grateful. The reading also gave me tools to realize and go after what is most important to me. Thanks so much! Looking forward to my next year’s reading!

Chloe Ye / Finance Professional
Susan was warm, professional, knowledgeable and supportive during our consultation. My boyfriend was initially skeptical with the whole Feng Shui concept but Susan’s practical approach brought him on board. She really took the time to get to know us and our goals, and her suggestions made a huge difference in how we now feel in our new home. She was also very generous with her time in follow-up sessions to continue to give us great advice. I enjoyed working with her and would not hesitate to recommend her to others looking for Feng Shui based consultation and advice.

Nai / Marketing professional
I appreciate your balancing professional assessments with intuition and heart which made our conversations feel natural, intimate and genuine for me. Your offering to tell about your own background echoes that sincerity I felt throughout our conversation. Your every minute and word held value, which is quite hard to receive even from friends at times. Your sessions have really been affecting me and you brought attention to the challenging “Feng Shui” areas in my own self and I thought we were just going to talk about the apartment!

Thank you for your patience and your gift to me. I hope you’ve encountered a Susan in your life.

E. Nasir / Certified Public Accountant
I can’t say enough about how Feng Shui coaching has helped me. I reached out to Susan because I could not sleep. I would sometimes go 2 or 3 days without sleeping. I was desperate and was ready to try anything. I found Susan through a referral, set up a phone call and signed up for her Feng Shui coaching. After she came to my apartment for the consultation and I did 50% of what she recommended in the first week, I slept through 5 hours. I know, I can’t believe it myself. We checked in every week and I continued to follow her advice and by the 3rd week, I had slept through my alarm clock and now I am falling asleep on the train. All I have to say is that if you do what she tells you, this stuff works. My home feels better, my health is improved and insomnia is no longer an issue.

I can’t even remember what it was like before this. I cannot recommend Susan’s services enough.

JT / Health Professional
I loved working with Susan. I can get overwhelmed by big ideas and projects and after each session, I felt like I had a clear to do list, a zoom out of the big picture.  And the big picture was always the best part of all! Susan taught me to combine the things I am passionate about to create a reality that has exceeded any vision of the future I had previously.  I have overflowing gratitude for the experience and highly recommend Susan to anyone who wants to create something beautiful.

Jason Terrana / Vice President – Morgan Stanley, Legal Division
I had attempted to capture a specific look in my living room and dining room, but it never felt complete. Also, my bedroom was a white box when I met Susan and I needed help with that as well. I had a beautiful table and some other pieces that were special to me, but I simply could not tie everything together. I also work long hours and did not have the time or bandwidth to spend on achieving the results I was looking for. I am thrilled to say that with minimal effort on my part, Susan worked with me to define the look I was trying to capture, then achieved fantastic results while working within the budget that we had discussed.

This project turned out to be a lot of fun. It was kind of magical to see the somewhat abstract ideas that I had shown to Susan translated into actual items and decorating ideas that I could use in my home. Susan also helped me to refine my budget and to determine where it might be worth splurging a bit or cutting back on costs of particular items.

Once Susan had helped me to choose the details such as pieces of furniture, paint color, artwork and pillows, Susan got to work pulling everything together. She handled every aspect of the project, coordinating with vendors, my super, artists, a carpenter, painters, closet designers and whoever else was necessary to complete the project. When issues arose, Susan fixed them. If something did not work right, Susan found the right replacement. She and the experience were truly full service and first rate. I am thrilled with the results that Susan achieved.  Her discerning eye provided the stylistic flair that pulled everything together in my bedroom and living and dining rooms, and she executed on her vision quickly and efficiently. I absolutely look forward to working with Susan on future projects.

Rachel Field / Senior Associate, The Corcoran Group
I first started working with Susan on my own apartment shortly after I moved in and I could not get it to feel right. She did such a terrific job that I brought her in to work on an apartment I was working on that was an estate sale. It was when the market really had plummeted and yet this apartment sold after 3 weeks. I had shortly thereafter started to bring Susan in on every apartment I had for sale. What was interesting is that in the past 2 years there were only 2 apartments that I listed that I did not end up selling and those were the only 2 apartments where I did not bring Susan in to consult on the apartment.

I have found Susan very professional and that she does not leave any stone unturned. She works in a way that I find exceedingly helpful, it is both practical and tangible and a bit energetic. I had one apartment where the owner was reluctant to let me bring her in, but finally agreed after a horrible negotiation fell through. I usually have the consultation without the owner, although sometimes the owner wants to be present. In this case Susan did a lot of work on the apartment before the day we meet. Needless to say we never lowered the price and ended up with an offer the day we meet that was significantly higher than the other offer and an easy deal. The day after the consultation I spoke with my owner who said he thought maybe “the Feng Shui person had done some work on him” because he felt much better about moving.

Carolina R. / Full-time Student
I struggled with anxiety regarding a surgical procedure and illness. My biggest challenge was overcoming built up tension I had, and releasing it in positive ways.

The way that Susan works is very unique because she really gets to know you and accommodates your healing according to what you need. She is always clear and responds to you in her most supportive ways. Susan is very receptive to others and their feelings. She will always make you feel comfortable when speaking with her, and she has a wonderful heart! It’s all been a great help and it’s something so unique that I’ve never experienced in my life!

My results have been ahhh-mazing! Working with Susan has given me the motivation I needed during recovery. It has also given me a sense of myself and a calmness. I now feel at peace with my body as well as my spiritual and energetic self. I am most proud of myself because I have healed my body, soul and spirit. I have discovered other areas of myself in positive ways. I have accomplished transitioning back to school full time and creating a well balanced life after going through a lengthy recovery.

Everything resulted in amazing things. I can say that I had one of the speediest recoveries and overall, I felt great after my recovery. I was able to connect with myself on a deeper level and this brought about feelings of self-worth and love myself more than I previously did.

Erika Prinz Freed / Licensed Acupuncturist, www.prinzacunyc.com
Susan is a naturally gifted coach and mentor who combines her deep knowledge of Feng Shui and design with her deep intuition and compassion. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Susan several times over the past two years for personal Feng Shui coaching. I didn’t know exactly what to expect when I started the coaching, but I was thrilled to find that the sessions, which focused on aligning my home environment with my desires and objectives in life, made a distinct and measurable impact on my life. They first helped me clarify my personal and business goals, and second, supported me as I took the appropriate steps to reach them.

Not only that, Susan is an outstanding listener, problem solver, and creative thinker, and it’s clear that the work she does with her clients is her passion. I have referred several friends and patients to her with the utmost confidence that they’ll benefit as much as I have.

C. Rodriguez / Entrepreneur and Design professional
I went into my consult with Susan knowing very little about Feng Shui practice. I had just moved into a new apartment that had lots of potential, but I knew that certain aspects of it were problematic. It was also during a time of huge transition for me, both professionally and personally.

What I love about how Susan works, is that she gives a ton of valuable information and techniques that are very easy to digest and implement. She’s perfect for someone that’s looking to improve certain areas of their life, and may not know the best first steps to take. And what’s so unique about her, is that since she comes from a design background, her solutions are always aesthetically pleasing!

As I continue to implement her suggestions, I find that the very aspects of my life that I wanted to adjust, are in fact doing just that! I was looking for new work opportunities and she gave me some Feng Shui remedies that I put into action and as a result, I’ve been interviewed for 2 jobs in the same week, and have taken on numerous freelance projects.

And did I mention that I live on the west coast?? Feng Shui Creative is based in NY, but that didn’t make much of a difference. We did the whole thing on Skype!

My Feng Shui process continues…and I couldn’t think of a better consultant to help me along. If I could, I’d give her 6 stars.

Martha D. / Health Care Professional
A Feng Shui consultation is something that I always wanted to do, (finally and happy I did it)!! I met Susan through my neighbor, who is a real estate agent. She spoke so highly of her that I said I had to meet her. I called Susan and when I spoke to her over the phone, I felt this positive connection. For some reason though I was not ready to do my consultation right away. It took six or more months until I met Susan and finally she visited me.  All I could say about my consultation was that my idea of Feng Shui changed a little bit. I learned that it’s fun but at the same time is also spiritual.  Susan has a good positive, and at the same time, peaceful energy. I decided to do Feng Shui coaching with her.

Susan gave me specific suggestions – very doable and especially, nothing that I couldn’t afford. There are many things I wanted to improve/change in my life and we worked on them on a weekly basis. The most amazing and immediate result was related to my job. I had been requesting a change of shift at work for almost a year because of my daughter’s school schedule and was repeatedly denied. Susan performed my Feng Shui consultation on a Thursday or Friday. When I went to work that following Monday, my supervisor called me to her office and told me that my change of shift was granted!!!  Now I’m able to pick up my daughter from school on time.

One big reason I approached Susan was because of my young daughter. She is, was a handful. My husband and I often had difficulty getting her to sleep and it was exhausting for the whole family.  I also had some communication and other issues with my husband, and with her advice and some changes, we have a better communication and relationship. In the 3 months that I worked with Susan, my family is now more in harmony, my daughter and I both sleep more soundly and are able to spend more quality time together. Another topic we addressed was finances. That was a BIG one. We are still working on it but I feel that I have come a long way from where I was and now I feel more at peace with my financial health. I am still working on Susan’s recommended changes but I am so positive and sure that everything else will also be resolved. I highly recommend Susan. I can’t wait to work with her again.

Deidre Ann Johnson / Physical Therapist
Susan definitely wears a silken glove over an iron fist! Tell her an issue or block that you have and she gently, yet ever-so-firmly, nudges you to dig a little deeper for your reasons for not pursuing that which you say you want or keeping that which you say you don’t.  She is laser-sharp, supportive, encouraging .  If you want to get the flow going in your life and in your home, Susan is the one to have in your corner.

Christiane Mauro, L.Ac / Licensed Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbalist
I have now worked with Susan on two different apartments of mine to help with balance in my life. Each time we focused on different things I wanted to work on and so far the adjustments have been fruitful. We have worked together to help with grief, loss, career, health and finding love.

I have found her feng shui style to be VERY helpful. It feels as if she really shares the tools and rituals but encourages you to use your intuition and creativity to enhance the areas of your home that need attention. I like this style as opposed to a consultant giving you list of colors and symbols to exclusively use as they instruct. I found her to encourage having fun and finding pleasure in transforming your own home by using your intention, visualization and creativity. However, she does have a design background and when I have found myself at a blank with a certain space she has offered wonderful aesthetic advice and design.

I also find her follow ups very helpful and she makes herself available via e-mail whenever I am feeling as if I need some extra guidance around a feng shui issue.

Susan is a wonderful guide to helping you sift through the blocks in life that keep you from obtaining the things you desire and deserve.

Jill Elliot, DVM / Holistic Veterinarian
I met with Susan and was absolutely thrilled that we met and I had a consultation with her. She gave me great ideas but more than that also created a spirit that is amazing…..she far exceeded my expectations.

Susan came to my home for a feng shui consult to help me make my home a place I love to come home to — not just sleep and eat. I have been renting for the last three years (after owning for many years). As a tenant, not an owner, I had not felt the need to make the apt. “mine.”

I had a change of heart and knew I needed help because my decorating sense is nil. I found Susan Chan through our networking group. She was a pleasure to speak with on the phone and very generously agreed to come to my apt. in N.J. for our consult.

Susan is an angel. She has a spiritual approach to her work. She started the session by us chanting. It opened up a space of peace and harmony. She explained everything to me after quizzing me on what my desires and hopes for the space were. She explained the feng shui process. She gave me amazing suggestions for small as well as larger changes for wall colors, furniture movement, furniture purchases and simple ways to beautify the apt. and bring in the feeling I wanted. After the consult I got to work picking paint for my bedroom and the small bathroom and foyer and one wall in the kitchen. I moved some paintings around, and had the nerve to finally order a beautiful bedroom set I adore.

At this point, a few months after our initial meeting my apt. is transformed into a place I love to come home to. My bedroom is so beautiful, romantic and restful. I love it. I’m still working on more changes and additions. After our initial consult, Susan has been there for many email follow ups and encouragement to this date.

If you are thinking of making changes in your home or have a new home and want guidance on how to create an amazing space you will love, I wholeheartedly recommend you contact Susan.

Chris Toland / The Corcoran Group
I first heard about Susan through a trusted colleague who promised that she was absolutely the best. I have to say, it wasn’t long before I was in complete agreement. I was in a bit of a funk personally and professionally, and was looking to shake things up a little and clear out some bad energy, and ultimately draw in some new business. I was not a complete stranger to Feng-Shui, but I had never consulted a professional before.

From the start, Susan was very pleasant to deal with. She was responsive and had a calming energy that came through even on the telephone. When she visited my home, it felt more like the visit of a trusted friend than a business transaction. She gave me a lot of suggestions for modifications to the space… some simple and easily accomplished, some more involved, but she was very thorough in her explanations of why she recommended the things she did, and what she thought the outcome would be of each adjustment. She also gave me some “homework” tasks to complete. I did my best to complete them as she wanted, but when I missed one or two tasks, and felt terrible about doing so, she was very quick to point out that it was okay to do the best I could and that if my intentions were good (they were) then the whole exercise was not completely black and white. After our in-person consultation, she remained very accessible to me by email and phone, and continued to give me encouragement and comfort as I worked my way through the program she had designed for me.

I’m happy to say that I did notice a dramatic increase in my business and in my mood, and would highly recommend Susan and her services to anyone for any variety of reasons.

Emily Rosen / LCSW
Susan Chan is an incredible individual. She has a gift for putting others at ease as well as a gift for doing Feng Shui. I found out about her on Quentin’s Friends (our networking group) and feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to work with her. Susan understood my thoughts and concerns around creating an office within my apartment. She explained how certain colors and furniture arrangements would help to create a safe environment for my clients. Susan is very professional, warm, easy to speak with, easy to work with and I learned so much about Feng Shui and myself during our session. I don’t know if it’s a coincidence but two potential new business opportunities arose two weeks after our session. I highly recommend Susan Chan as a Feng Shui specialist.

Susan has an amazing and natural ability to connect with people, enter into their world, and see the big possibilities in their lives. I know from first-hand experience that I always gain new ideas, insights, and intentions from working with Susan – suggestions that have greatly impacted my life in immeasurable ways.

Miriam Borowsky / Graphic Designer
The first project I hired Susan to help me with was to Feng Shui my new apartment in Israel. She instructed me to email her photos of all the corners, doors, entryways and rooms of my apartment along with a floor plan indicating the flow of energy. After careful study and a face to face meeting with her on my trip to visit NY, Susan gave me more suggestions than I could have imagined. She gave me practical advice on what I could do to enhance family, prosperity and stability areas in my life. My husband and I now have a baby girl, my husband is doing better than ever in his movie directing career and I am happily finding myself as a mother, yogi and designer in Israel.

The second project Susan assisted me with was clearing out my remaining personal items from my apartment I was selling in New York. It was personal and not a typical moving job and I knew right away Susan would be perfect to help me. She was amazing! Something so daunting for me, she handled calmly, smoothly and professionally collecting the boxes, tape, etc., to pack up, organize with my building and mortgage broker along with a moving truck to clear items from the apartment and she even drew up a detailed list of all the items I wanted donated to charity for tax purposes. We had skype meetings to sort what to donate and what to pack up to send to my mother. It was a huge relief to have Susan take on this project as I was living in Israel and she left me apartment in move in condition and ready to sell.

Susan gave me peace of mind and was extremely productive, easy to communicate with and helpful. Thank you Susan!

Shasty S. / New York City Professional
Susan Chan is a brilliant Feng Shui consultant. She is extremely knowledgeable, patient and has great energy which are huge attributes for me. Susan gave me various remedies for my NYC apt and the space feels so much better, the energy flows now versus being unrestful.

If you’re looking for a Feng Shui expert to assist you, I highly recommend Feng Shui Creative!

Svetlana Zakharina / Fashion Apparel professional, Founder of Yogacara apparel
Susan is a passionate and conscientious Feng Shui professional. It is a pleasure to work with her. She is friendly, knowledgeable and detailed oriented. I trust Susan implicitly and the quality of her deliverables are of a very high standard indeed. I would recommend her to anyone and hope to work again in the future at my earliest opportunity.

Elizabeth Frayer / Associate – Emmet, Marvin & Martin, LLP
Susan performed a Feng Shui consultation on my apartment. I cannot recommend her highly enough! Within a few days of implementing some of Susan’s suggestions, the energy in my apartment completely changed. My apartment became a place a calm, whereas before it felt frenetic. I looked forward to coming home for the first time in years. Susan’s thoughtful nature helped me to see my apartment through different eyes and make changes that continue to nurture me in my home. Thank you, Susan!