About Feng Shui

Your space is a metaphor for your life.

If your space is a mess, most likely your life is too.
If there’s clutter in a part of your home, a part of your life may be blocked.

When your space is a mess and blocked, you may feel overwhelmed, unfulfilled and stuck which affects your health, wealth and relationships.
Feng Shui is based on ancient principles that enhance the flow of energy in your space, impacting how you feel and act.

Feng Shui is not a luxury, it’s a necessity.

It can help you:

  • Release the negative effects that your space may have on you
  • Reduce stress and anxiety both at home and in your outer life
  • Feel relaxed and nurtured in your home or office space
  • Create energy enhancing rituals to keep you focused and balanced
  • Make more money, have more energy and improve your relationships

We’ve taken this ancient art and applied it to modern day living. Together we will align your life goals with a space that supports and nurtures them.

After decades of working in design and Feng Shui with clients in NYC and worldwide, we’re known for tailoring an approach that fits your space, needs, and goals like a glove.

Are you ready to discover the hidden power of your space?

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About Feng Shui Consultations

We will use Susan’s signature methodology, tailoring all processes and remedies to your specific needs. This system was carefully crafted to discover the hidden power in your space so you can reorganize your physical and therefore internal space, decluttering, donating, reorganizing, and making space for the new to come in.

STEP 1: Exploratory Call

  • Connect and get clear on your goals
  • Discover the blocks keeping you from feeling abundant and successful
  • Go over what Feng Shui can specifically do for you

STEP 2: On-site or Remote Consultation

  • Floorplan evaluation and dowsing (done prior to on-site visit)
  • 3 hour on-site Feng Shui space evaluation
  • Space arrangement recommendations according to your goals
  • Remedies based on the energy of the space and the occupants
  • Chinese astrology analysis

STEP 3: Follow up call (phone or video) 20 minutes

  • Check in on your progress and answer any questions
  • Create next steps to keep your energy and momentum going!


About Feng Shui coaching

Tired of not living the life you really want? Or not even sure that can look like? Feel like you don’t have the support you need and want to grow in your life or your business? Feng Shui coaching can help.

Using traditional coaching and Feng Shui techniques, we explore what may be blocking you and keeping you from achieving your goals. You will begin creating the energy needed to support your personal and business vision. You will receive a complete Feng Shui Consultation PLUS consistent and reliable expert guidance on how to use your space, time and energy to live the life you always imagined.