Happy Year of the Water Dragon!

January 23, 2012
Dragon Chinese Character

Character for Dragon even looks like a Dragon! photo: chinese hour

Chinese Dragon Dance

High-powered traditional Chinese Dragon dance! photo: showchina.org

I’m so excited that we are the eve of Chinese New Year of the Dragon! It’s always an exciting time. As you have read in my past blog posts, it’s the time where traditional Chinese families are preparing to welcome in the New Year by cleaning their homes, cooking their favorites foods and sharing special moments with family and friends. It’s a great time to shed the old and bring in the new so that your current year will be healthy and prosperous.

This coming Year of the Dragon, promises to be a better year than the ones we just had (do I hear a “whew” anyone?). It’s important to remain optimistic and positive because things are progressing. If you’re not of the traditional Chinese troupe, you can still join in the festivities too! Look in your local listings to see if there are any Chinese New Year’s celebrations happening in your area. But be prepared to have a big crowd and tons of firecrackers! Or you can spend a quieter time with your closest friends and family sharing a favorite meal at home or at a restaurant.

Chinese Dragon Dance

Yes, there are people under there. photo: showchina.org

However you choose to spend your time, keep your intention strong and clear – to make this fortuitous Year of the Dragon a harmonious and healthy one for yourself and all your loved ones. Happy New Year!

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