A little Color on a Grey Day

October 19, 2011

Here we go again, manic fall weather. 80 degrees and gorgeous one day, grimfully wet and grey another. Like today. Sneezing and coughing surround you. Ill humor lingers dangerously. What do you do, where do you go?…

A Tour of the Highline

September 18, 2011

Last Wednesday a few members of the NY Chapter of the International Feng Shui Guild and I went on a wonderful tour of The Highline. Not only was it an informative and fun tour by our…

Take the Fizzle out of your Sizzle

July 19, 2011

It's sizzling outside but is it sizzling in your love corner? Hopefully you've been following and you know where the love corner of your home is. If not, don't fret, here is a handy bagua to help you locate it. When you walk through your front door, it would be…

A New Generation of Footwear

March 1, 2011

Gone are the days of sneakers dangling over telephone wires in the street. Although I relish the nostalgia, I have to get with the times. Thanks to Oat Shoes, a cool company from Amsterdam, your sneakers…

Vandaag: a northern breath of fresh air

February 24, 2011

Great sign and an exterior you can't miss Sleek interior at Vandaag photos: Needing to warm up with a cup o' joe, we popped into a new venue (for us) in the East Village. The place was called Vandaag. Maybe we were lured in by the sign outside that promised "Bierrestaurant."…

Multiple Accents

December 26, 2010

A simple weekend project photo: Thomas J. Story Lose 10 better.....get to sleep earlier.....spend more time with loved ones.....These are some usual new year's resolutions. Mine luckily is much easier - to paint an accent wall. I will take some of my own Feng Shui medicine and become my…

Quality time with my Lonnymag

November 30, 2010

I love Lonnymag and I love this dressing room!all photos: I had a wonderfully long Thanksgiving weekend filled with food, friends and family. I worked on my metal element energy and throat chakra by singing some karaoke (believe it or not, I am an amateur!) and I even had…

Vive La France!

April 6, 2010

It's been a while. I was able to unplug which was glorious but I missed y'all. Happily though, my eyes and fingers are well-rested. Here are some great images I was able to capture when I was away....Enjoy! A storefront interpretation of the Bagua

Water in the Wind

January 20, 2010

The first time I saw this photo Chicago’s Aqua Tower designed by Studio Gang Architects, I was impressed. Not to mention that my dream of being Judy Jetson was becoming a reality. From afar, the tower's undulating shape is beautiful to the eye. I've yet to get to Chicago but…

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