A New Generation of Footwear

March 1, 2011

This is a reality sooner than you think! photos: www.oatshoes.com

Gone are the days of sneakers dangling over telephone wires in the street. Although I relish the nostalgia, I have to get with the times. Thanks to Oat Shoes, a cool company from Amsterdam, your sneakers can now easily become part of our beautiful eco-system instead of piling up in your closet. Oh come on, you know they’re in there!

This is how it works:

You choose the sneaker and color of your choice. You wear and tear them. You toss. They biograde. You water. Flowers sprout. End of story.

Great Feng Shui Colors!

The way I prefer to toss all my sneakers

As a modern day tree hugger, you know I’ll have a pair of these soon. After I get rid of my current pair of course!

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