Multiple Accents

December 26, 2010
A simple weekend project
photo: Thomas J. Story

Lose 10 pounds… better…..get to sleep earlier…..spend more time with loved ones…..These are some usual new year’s resolutions. Mine luckily is much easier – to paint an accent wall. I will take some of my own Feng Shui medicine and become my own weekend warrior! Our hallway wall is empty, sad and begging for some Feng Shui love. I know, most people are terrified to choose paint colors and can seem like a daunting task since there so many colors out there. But here’s an alternative way to think about it, trembling commita-phobes. Instead of feeling overwhelmed by a whole home or room, choose just one accent wall to paint.

A fun idea for a kid’s room

As you can see, it doesn’t have to be complicated. I am always asked if there are colors that pertain to Feng Shui sections in your life. As a Feng Shui consultant, my answer is yes but what is most important is to choose a color that makes you happy and feel uplifted when you see it. As a designer, I emphasize using color to emphasize what you want to “pop” and make what’s less flattering recede. So go on, buy a can and splash on a new color. Worst case if you change your mind, do it all over again. It can be a very dramatic change in a space that is very wallet-friendly!

This wall is comprised of cork! Beautiful AND sustainable!!

A great solution for slanted ceilings
top photo:, middle photo:,
bottom photo:

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