Take the Fizzle out of your Sizzle

July 19, 2011

It’s sizzling outside but is it sizzling in your love corner? Hopefully you’ve been following and you know where the love corner of your home is. If not, don’t fret, here is a handy bagua to help you locate it. When you walk through your front door, it would be the furthest corner to the right side of your home. To have a stronger impact, I would suggest finding that same corner in your bedroom. Go on, go take a look now.

What do you see? A dusty treadmill? A pile of work papers or magazines that you’ve been “meaning to get to?” Or maybe it’s where your laundry hamper is? Well my love bugs, if your romantic life is a bit lackluster, that may explain some things so it’s time for some housecleaning! Whether you are partnered, married or single, these tips can benefit everyone because don’t forget, relationships can be romantic but it also refers to all relationships in your life. This includes your relationship with your family, friends, colleagues, clients and yes, even your landlord.

Make your bedroom your sanctuary. Remove all things that don’t involve sleep or sexuality/sensuality and I mean it! Which means all work, exercise equipment, piles of books/magazines and the tv, yes the tv gets ousted. It’s your haven so put in it things you love – candles, flowers, favorite pillows or objects. You want to make this area a place for rest, relaxation and when you choose, romping in bed! Add textures, scents and visual stimulation like flirtatious photos. It’s yours for the making. Just remember to have fun and your sizzle will last well into the winter!

Add a colorful bouquet of flowers to better balance the elements and add some playfulness

West Elm bedroom

Budget decorating doesn't have to sacrifice aesthetics thanks to West Elm. But remember, remove books and such from around and under your bed!

Improve this look by adding a matching nightstand and lamp
John Robshaw influence

Add textures to add sensuality to your bedroom


  • Steph says:

    Can you please tell me the names of paint colors used on the walls in the above bedroom photos.

    • Susan says:

      Hi Stephanie, unfortunately I don’t have the specific colors you requested. I would suggest taking the photo to the paint store and find the swatches that match it the best. Take a variety of shades of the color since they will certainly look different in your home depending on the light you get. Tape them up on your wall, live with them for a week and look at them at day and night, on cloudy and sunny days and see which ones you like best. Then buy a small sample can and do a test on your wall. From that, you should be able to determine your final color. Good luck!

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