Minimalist Interiors

January 30, 2012
By the Sea

Luxury living, maybe too on the edge. photo: from the right bank

Decluttering. Minimal. Those are the buzz word going around these days especially around resolution times.

Feng Shui involves placing furniture and personal belongings so that energy or Chi can move freely and optimally. I must emphasize though that the person/s using the space must feel their energy is settled, secure and happy within this environment. Since this is a post about minimalism, I will keep my words, minimal. Remember, declutter and minimize but not to the extreme. Always make sure there is always a balance of all 5 elements – water, wood, earth, fire and metal.

Now I’ll stop talking and let the photos and captions speak for themselves.

Beds Edge

The beds are hanging off the edge! Not a secure feeling. photos above and below: from the right bank

White, White Space

Great idea but too white on paper for me.

Getting closer to balancing the elements. Plant on the table anyone? photo: newyorkmarkt

Getting better. Add some greens and we're good. photo: trend-dir

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