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November 18, 2011

C Wonder Check out Area

C Wonder check out counter is in their fame and reputation area and appropriately flanked with their company logo. photos unless otherwise noted: C. Wonder

I could say that for my profession, it’s important that I venture out for inspiration. I admit though that as a creative entrepreneur, I just can’t help seeking out new ideas and New York City is the mecca for that. Walking around SoHo the other day, I came across a store that I read about recently – C. Wonder. How could you miss its huge green shiny doors? I was very curious. A new mega-store opening up in the throes of a mini-recession?

When I walked in, I admit, I felt like a kid in a candy store. Tons of vivid colors, clothes, handbags, jewelry, even home goods. For the weak-hearted, it may be good to be mentally and visually prepared and to take it slow!

C Wonder front doors

Good Feng Shui doors for business. photo: s chan

The entry way is clear and inviting

Accessories Galore

Accessories galore - the kid in the candy store effect

Racks and racks o' stuff. Choose wisely and avoid clutter at home!

I really like that this “lifestyle” store had tons of appeal, great branding, vibe music, interesting customization (choice of lighting and music in the dressing room), great selection of home and fashionista items at an affordable price. The overall Feng Shui was not bad – good big and VERY obvious doors so that Chi and customers can find them, the register and logo resides in the fame and reputation section of the store to enhance that part of business. But most importantly, the employees were nice (good chi!) and the atmosphere unlifting (more good chi!). One thing that I didn’t love is that most things were made in China.

My final vote: affordability = 1, branding = 1, carbon footprint = 0, opening before Black Friday = Genius.

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