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Year of the Dragon Astrology Reading

Every Chinese New Year is ruled by an animal that can catapult you toward abundance and success if you know how to utilize its energy.

The Universe holds specific energy for each person every year – find out what energy the Universe is holding for you in 2024 to start your new year off on the right foot!

Your personalized Chinese Astrology reading will:

  • Reveal your specific “hidden” energy and set the right tone for this year
  • Uncover how the energy of the Dragon will affect your Chinese animal
  • Show how to use the year of the Dragon to your advantage
  • Reveal what activities would best suit you this year
  • Help you better understand yourself, your natural tendencies, and how to use them personally and professionally.
  • Understand your loved ones and their energy and learn how to better interact with them

BOOK YOUR CALL TODAY and make this DRAGON year the best year possible!


“Susan’s approach is really unique. She is very intuitive, a great listener and I love how she can take big concepts and break them down into small, digestible parts. My vision for the way I want to live my life and the way I want to run my business are clear. ”
Laura Pena, Motion Designer and Animator,
“Susan has an uncanny way of finding the blockage in any type of situation, from work and love to organization and money, even public speaking. Once the blockage is found, inspirational and practical remedies are recommended and I’ve been floored by the results.”
Jane T., Licensed Acupuncturist
“Susan’s suggestions were SPOT ON, and I found that when I directed my energy and focus on the areas in my life that she recommended, magic happened!! I feel more in-tune with my life’s passion and my calling than I ever have before. ”
Andrea Moss, Moss Wellness
“I loved working with Susan. I can get overwhelmed by big ideas and projects and after each session, I felt like I had a clear to do list, a zoom out of the big picture.”
JT, Health Professional
“Susan's insight is incredibly interesting, practical and helpful, and serves as a guide to plan for and then navigate the year ahead.”
Erika Prinz Freed, Prinz Acupuncture, NYC