Got Goat?

February 11, 2015

There's something about being Asian, especially Chinese, that creates some anticipation around this time of year. I was on the phone with my parents the other day and the conversation…

The Most Important R of the Year

January 14, 2015

How's your 2015 starting out? If you're anything like me, you're probably just recovering from the year end's festivities, excesses and project wrap-ups. Sure can have an effect on your adrenal glands eh? And if you were a conscientious new…

A New Year’s Ritual to Welcome in 2015

December 31, 2014

2015 is like, tomorrow.I know, it's kinda overwhelming just to think about, but don't worry, I got you covered.Last year I decided to change things up by creating a personal New Year's Eve tradition. It started…

Happy Holidays, With a Side of Tough Love

December 24, 2014

You'll often hear me refer to December as the perfect time of year to focus on yourself. It's counterintuitive as you're probably running around right now like a mad person, trying to get everything…

Dance Through The Winter Solstice

December 17, 2014

Winter Solstice. It's cold and gray. Everyone seems kinda grumpy all the time. And it's as contagious as last year's flu. Oy. On December 21st, we will have only 9 hours and 32 minutes of daylight.…

Wk 3 Cleanse – The Final Countdown

October 29, 2014

Guess who's made it to the end of her cleanse?!? (One guess) Yeah okay, so I've got 4 more days, but work with me here. It's so close I can taste it. The Final Countdown: If you want…

Oh Sunlight, Where Art Thou?

October 1, 2014

Some of you are beginning to get a bit freaked out that the sun is starting to set at 7:30pm.No more summer cocktails on the patio or fresh-air activities with the kids after…

Used, Inherited or Saturated Objects

September 24, 2014

It's officially Autumn and we naturally want to spend more time indoors, feeling the need to nest and finally getting those pesky home projects started. That means it may be time to decide what to do with that stuff that's…

AirBnB Feng Shui

August 20, 2014

Your ticket is booked and you're all packed. Last week, we discussed how to incorporate Feng Shui when you're a traveling' fool. Now you're ready to rent your place because your space is awesome, it has kick-butt Feng Shui and…

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