Your Life Begins Today. Really. No, Really

May 22, 2015
The time is now. This weekend. Today.

The time is now. This weekend. Today.

Ok I lied.

I told you that my newsletter was now monthly and if you follow me, I usually send them out really early on the 2nd Wed of the month. Today is Friday. Afternoon.

What’s up?

Something happened to me this week that couldn’t wait until next month.

After I recorded the last vlog (if you missed it, view it here), so much kept swirling through my head.

What else was I not giving myself permission to do?

When I took an honest inventory, I came up with a short but powerful list. 

Then I wept.

I’m a Feng Shui coach but I am FAR from perfect. People think that coaches don’t have problems. Wrong. The reason we are coaches is because we have worked through and are still working through the issues that you want to work through. We teach and serve through real-life experience. Reality TV for life improvement if you may.

Now back to my weeping.

I realized that even though I adore my work, there were other parts of my life that I didn’t love but had convinced myself that there could be no other way. Things could not change. I was stuck. I had no choice. Any other way would hurt so many people. First round of weeping and “woe-is-me”ing commenced.

It was a good weep. I sat with it. Then sat some more. What I realized in hindsight, I was in the process of hurting, accepting and healing – all at the same time. When my weeping subsided, I had a new perspective on my issues. Something had shifted. 

I started seeing my issues in a completely new light. I saw that I DID have a choice, actually choiceS. I was not stuck. Things could change. Things could be different. I just needed to give myself permission to make different choices. The choices were very, very difficult. People would indeed get hurt. But there was no other way. I needed to make the choices, no matter how difficult they were, to take back responsibility of my own life.

Second round of weeping.

The reason I am writing about this is because it was a friggin’ major moment for me (thank you new moon and Mercury), but also because many of you may be feeling this way going into this Memorial day weekend. Tons of obligations and must-do lists abound. Choice seems like a foreign word.

How many of those things on your list is for you? How many of those things really make you happy, and I mean truly happy?

I invite you this weekend to do one small thing toward your flight to freedom. Because that’s what happens – 


I was set free this week and damn did it feel good. 

NOW, join me in the discussion in the comments section. How do you plan to give yourself permission this weekend or this month?

  • Will you give yourself permission to not work, go offline and free yourself to just relax?
  • Will you give yourself permission to let go of some things in your basement/garage/attic/closet that you don’t love and free yourself of guilt?
  • Will you give yourself permission to let go of your “skinny clothes” and set yourself free to be who you are, and love yourself just as you are?
  • Will you give yourself permission to tell your (mom/dad/partner/sister/enter person here), “thank you for your advice”, then free yourself to do what you really want to do anyway?

Let us know right now what what you will give yourself permission to do to set yourself free. IT’S TIME.

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