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August 12, 2015
Sometimes it's safe to come out even when it doesn't feel like it.

Sometimes it’s safe to come out even when it doesn’t feel like it.

Last month’s newsletter was about cranking up your Fame and Reputation area of your space and life.

Although it may sound like something that everyone would naturally want to do, I heard back from some people who were a bit hesitant to step out and be seen.

Is that possible you ask?

You better believe it.

I experienced this phenomena very recently. I’m a NYC entrepreneur and getting out there is “de rigueur.” I was out there, doing everything necessary to  ramp up my visibility.

But I was totally unprepared for what happened next.

During a retreat where I was working on my visibility, out of nowhere, I was knocked off my feet and reduced to a sobbing mess.

C’mon Universe, when I said I wanted to be seen, it was with hair and makeup DONE!

But what we plan for isn’t always how it happens, is it? (Universe’s laughter in the background)

My inner Gremlin had attacked full force. (more on my lovely Gremlin here). My vulnerabilities or what I perceived as weaknesses were front and center. I was exposed, naked and IN.THE.SPOTLIGHT.

Luckily I was in the company of some amazing, strong women who were able to see, hold space and be there for me in a way that I never believed was possible.

I understood that even when I am feeling broken, I am still ok and worthy of love and acceptance.

Being introduced to that unconditional acceptance was mind-blowing as well as heart-expanding. Never again would I feel alone in my vulnerability.

To be visible is amazing but to be visible in your vulnerability is LIFE CHANGING.

I talk alot about this topic because it’s near and dear to my heart. There is such a hidden power in vulnerability. It may sound counter-intuitive but we can be the most powerful form of ourselves in the deepest depths of our vulnerability.

Post-retreat, I am moving through my life and work with a very different sense of myself and the world. I feel lighter, safer and more grounded regardless of how I’m perceived or possible outcomes.

Ready to start exploring your own vulnerability visibility? Once you begin, your life will never be the same again. Promise.

Here are three questions to ask yourself right now:

  1. What one thing are you hiding/holding back (within yourself or your space) for fear that others would not like you or will judge you?
  2. What do you think would happen if you gave yourself permission to show that side of yourself to your world?
  3. How do you want to feel when you show that side of yourself to your world?

That weekend CHANGED my life radically. So much that I am now willing to show up to my life, warts and all. Love me or leave me World because now I am whole.

Now it’s your turn!

Join me in the discussion in the comments section. How do you plan to be visible in your vulnerability?

Share what your first baby step will be and allow us to support you during this amazing journey.



  • Rosanne says:

    Nice post, Susan! I agree, I also have a hard time putting my work and myself in the spotlight. It’s not so much a fear of getting judged (there will also be people that like or dislike), but it’s more about losing control. Ideally, you want to put a product out there once it’s 100% perfect. Unfortunately that’s never the case. So first of all it’s hard taking that step, and then second once it’s out there, you can’t ever have full control how it develops or how it’s seen by the rest of the world. Those contradictory feelings are the hardest fight for me…

    • Susan says:

      Thanks for your comment! You are correct, nothing will ever be perfect and if we keep searching for perfection, we will undoubtedly be disappointed. What is challenging but so rewarding to realize is that the gift really is in the imperfection and the road to get where you are going.

      If you just take that first step, things just “magically” start to appear and you will see that you don’t need to be in control because that takes away the possibility of even better things to appear for you! Contradictory feelings are normal and human. Keep paying attention to them when they come up and then be gentle with yourself!

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