Used, Inherited or Saturated Objects

September 24, 2014

Love these pieces but whose energy is attached to them?

It’s officially Autumn and we naturally want to spend more time indoors, feeling the need to nest and finally getting those pesky home projects started.

That means it may be time to decide what to do with that stuff that’s piling up – like the sad doggie painting that was a gift from Aunt Sally or the antique lamp you inherited from your ex.

If you’re having trouble deciding whether to toss it or keep it, let me help you make a decision. 

It all boils down to energy. Anti-woo woo people, stay with me. According to theories in quantum physics – everything, including people and objects, is made up of energy. In Feng Shui, every objects holds an energetic charge so it’s important to pay attention to what the energy of a particular object means specifically to you.

When making the decision about what to keep, ask yourself two questions:

1) Where’d ya get that?  Ideally, you will need to find why the previous owners got rid of the object as the object will most likely be holding the energy of the last person who had possession of it. If the painting was Aunt Sally’s and she lovingly gave it away because she got married (yay Aunt Sally!) and didn’t have room for the painting, you’re alright and you don’t need to read any further (although you may want to keep reading since I’m sure you have other stuff besides Fido’s portrait that needs sorting through). If you inherited your antique lamp from a nasty breakup with your ex, its energy may be a bit off, so proceed to question #2. If the object came to you via craigslist and ebay and you don’t know its origins, also move on to question #2.

2) Toss it or Transform it?  Ask yourself, when I look at this object, how does it make me feel? If the answer is guilt, sadness or any other feeling you don’t want to have, you have 2 options: Either release it lovingly or try to change the energy. If you decide to release the object, thank it, put it on the curb with the intention that you are creating space for great things to come into your life and that someone else will be beyond joyful to receive this object. See how we craftily changed the energy for the next owner in the release? If you decide to transform the energy, you can give the object some energetic loving and clear its charge with smudge sticks, bell ringing, aromatherapy (lavender or citrus are great choices) or crystals such as smokey quartz.

So now you have your Autumn weekend plans – when you’re not apple picking that is. Walk around your space and decide what to toss and what to transform. It’s easier than you think. You can even do yourself a favor by asking these questions before bringing objects into your home. Always remember, a clutter-free and clear home is a happy home! Happy Autumn Clearing!

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