The Light in the Darkness

September 17, 2014
Keep this in your pocket. Looks like it was there already. Image:

Keep this in your pocket. Looks like it was there already. Image:

Ya got a minute? C’mon, humor me.

Take a look around you. Slowly drink it all in. What do you see? Are you happy with what surrounds you? Are you where you want to be? Are the things that surround you a true reflection of you and what matters most to you in life?

Please read the next paragraph first, then do the following exercise.

Now close your eyes, take a deep breath and take a look on the inside. Yeah, you heard me right. Take a NY minute and look inside. What are you feeling right at this moment? Panic? Overwhelm? Numbness, sadness or confusion? Did you get a, “Omg, I can’t believe I wasn’t breathing” revelation or “I want to keep my eyes closed because I don’t want to see what’s out there…or in here?”

Last week we talked about finding the comfort in discomfort because you realize soon enough that discomfort is the key to transformation.

Change is inevitable, often uncomfortable, and what most of you probably want to do is dig your heels in even deeper. Tis normal. It’s human nature.

In the Northern Hemisphere, change is upon us in a big way. The Fall Equinox is officially 6 days away. Why should you give a hoot? Because seasonal changes are hugely symbolic.

We’re moving into a quieter, darker period of the year and it’s well known that darkness is integral in the work of spiritual transformation.

It’s not all doom and gloom. For those of you who want to want to reach your areas of true genius and purpose, it requires overcoming your inner darkness. And now’s the moment parfait to do it because the Fall equinox symbolizes a stage of inner preparation in the process of enlightenment.

Good news is that you are not alone. I’ve got kick-butt Feng Shui Coaching methods that will knock your knickers off, or socks if that makes you feel more comfortable. You want fatigue and overwhelm to be a thing of the past. Check. When stressful events happen, you want to be able to handle them gracefully and not have them throw your life into a complete tizzy. Check. You want your life to move with more ease and flow. Hell yes. And in all this, you want your space to be beautiful, support your goals and be a true reflection of who you are. Hellzyis!

So let’s have a chat. I’m offering a complimentary Feng Shui Your Fall Lollapalooza Call. Yup, it’s completely FREE. And get this – sign up and complete your call by September 30th and I’ll send you a free gift just for being courageous enough to talk to me. The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks has some words of wisdom that has changed my life. Please share this opportunity with anyone you feel could benefit from the healing and life-changing effects of Feng Shui Coaching.

This can be yours. Make it happen!

This can be yours. Make it happen!

So what are you waiting for? Stop reading and schedule your call now. Banish this dreary dark weather feeling by working through your personal darkness to find your light. Align your inner world with your outer world and see how bright and shiny you’ll come out on the other side. Bring in on, Au-tumn!

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