Moving into Your New Space

June 18, 2014

Declutter BEFORE you move in! image:

The papers are signed, the movers are scheduled and now it’s Mama’s (or Papa’s) Movin’ In Day! No need to hyperventilate, the worst is behind you. This is the fun part and it’s all about setting your intention and getting close and personal with the space that will support and nourish you for many months and years to come.

Before unpacking those boxes, it’s important to lay down a strong Feng Shui foundation to ensure a smooth and happy transition into your new space.

Some tips for creating great energy in your new space:
  • Stop to Smell the Oranges – Hopefully your predecessor left your new space’s energy spotless (read about predecessor energy here). Just to be sure, it’s always a good idea to energetically clear a space by infusing it with a citrus scent. Citrus scents naturally uplift the energy of a space as well as the energy of the occupants. In Chinese tradition, oranges symbolize good luck. Buy a bowl of oranges and peel one to release the healing scent or buy a citrus room spray. In my childhood home, I have fond memories of orange peels in every corner, symbolizing luck at every turn!
  • Introduce yourself! Take some time to run your hands over the walls to get acquainted with the energy of the rooms. It may sound a bit new age-y but believe me, so much can be learned when taking the time to do this. You may discover very cold or hot spots or areas that need some extra TLC. Treat your home as someone you are meeting for the first time and take care of issues as soon as you can. In return, your space’s clear and grateful energy will thank you by nurturing your spirit and supporting your goals.
  • Be In Command – Set up the rooms where you spend the most time – such as your bedroom, office or living room – so you are “in command.” In Feng Shui, being in the Command Position means to be able to see the room’s entry door from where you are sitting or laying down. 4000 years ago, Chinese warriors situated themselves in the Command Position so that they could see enemies arriving and not be in a vulnerable situation. In modern times, we no longer fear constant attack but being in the Command Position allows one’s energy to be calm and not easily startled – one of the keys to being balanced. If you can’t be in the Command Position, one solution is to hang a mirror so you can see the door in the reflection.
A common sighting in my childhood home. image:

A common sighting in my childhood home. image:

An office where you can see the door, puts you in the Command Position. image:

An office where you can see the door puts you in the Command Position. image:

Lastly, I can’t stress the importance of the bedroom in Feng Shui. If you are going to perform any Feng Shui remedies, do them in the bedroom as it is the most powerful room of your home. If you haven’t downloaded 9 Feng Shui Tips for a Sexy and Harmonious Bedroom, go to and sign up for your free copy!

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