Moving out of a Space, Feng Shui Style

June 11, 2014
Some other things to think about before you pack your bags. image:

Some other things to think about before you pack your bags. image:

Congratulations! All that hard work has paid off. You found your new space. Time to create that To-Do List – pack boxes, change your address, order a new sofa. But hold on a sec! Before you do any of that, you want to think about what you need to do in your existing space before you close your door for the last time.

After offering Feng Shui suggestions to clients, often their response is, “I’m not going make any changes because I’ll be moving soon” or “I want to move and don’t want to invest in this space.” Sure, I can understand that theory, but only up until a point. This is what I have to say to that, so listen up – you always want to make Feng Shui changes to your existing space *before* you move. I know it sounds counter-intuitive, and here’s the reason. When we leave a space, we want to leave it in the best possible energetic situation as possible. There is something in Feng Shui called “predecessor chi” meaning the energy left in a space by the past occupants. You so know what I am talking about. You walk into a room and you know something’s gone down in there. It feels off, maybe even icky. Or you may not even notice anything at first, but after you move in, you begin losing clients or you start arguing with your girlfriend. Predecessor chi is important to recognize and can be easily transformed.

Wouldn’t you prefer to live in a space where the prior occupants were happy and fulfilled? In a space whose energy was of a growing family who left because there wasn’t enough room? What about a space where the prior tenant left because they were relocating for a better, higher paying job? That’s what we are aiming for.

Even if the person moved due to less desirable circumstances, don’t fret, it’s not a desperate situation. With intention and a little elbow grease, spaces can be energetically cleared, allowing a healthier and lighter energy for the next occupants and that’s what we all want right? There is a wonderful peace of mind knowing that you are leaving a space as airy and energetically spotless as possible. It’s also a darn good feeling knowing that the people who moved out of your new space did the same for you before you move in.

A symbolic offering. image:

A symbolic offering. image:

3 Very important things to do before you leave your existing space:

  • Repair or embellish This is a difficult concept to grasp for most people. Who would want to fix something in their current space if they are planning to move next week? You do. When you repair or make something better and more beautiful, it uplifts the energy of the space and the people who use the space. Energy is malleable and transportable. That great feeling and energy you create will not only be left in your existing space but will also follow you into your new one. It’s a win-win situation. So get out that hammer.
  • Physically clean the space – Everyone appreciates a clean space. It doesn’t have to be sparkling but try not to leave your dusty bunnies behind. Remember, you want someone to feel amazing when they first walk through the door. While you’re cleaning the space, take the time to run your hands across the walls and thank the space for the time you spent together. Everything is made of energy, even your walls.
  • Leave a love letter – If you loved the space, write a little note stating the reasons why. If it was something specific and you are comfortable sharing it, do so. Even if your time there was not the best, write what you would like to happen for the next occupants. For example, imagine you’re leaving a space because the rent is no longer affordable. You could write, “May the future occupants of this space have a happy life, be financially solvent and joyful.” Then leave it somewhere they will find it unexpectedly like the cupboard or fridge. If you were the new occupant, wouldn’t finding that note make you grin from ear to ear? I thought so.

Although we are programmed to be “out with the old and in with the new” as quickly as possible, I would greatly encourage you to act differently in this situation. Your space has kept you safe and warm for the X amount of time you have spent there. Ruminate on that, feel it, thank it. Leave on the best energetic terms with your existing space and carry that wonderful, uplifting energy in your pocket like a four-leaf clover.

Next week we’ll be discussing Phase 3: Moving into your New Space! – how to bring the best energy into your new space using Feng Shui. Stay tuned!

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