A Cut Above the Rest

April 2, 2012

A favorite flower. all photos: www.lisarodden.com

Beautiful isn’t it? If you look very closely though, you’ll see that it’s not as flat as you thought it was……

Chrysanthemum Closeup


Whoa. That’s what I said when I saw (and figured out) what exactly was Lisa Rodden’s works of art. Delicate little treasures that are not only gorgeous but spiritually moving and emotionally imbued. Her words and art describe very much what Feng Shui is fundamentally about and explains how our environments are so closely tied to individuals and in turn, everything else. I’m with you Lisa. Here’s more about Lisa’s art from her website:

…Lisa has worked in the arts as a volunteer in Aboriginal communities which has been one of her most enriching experiences yet. It has taught her the true value of our natural surroundings and community, the energy we get from the land and people, and the importance of nurturing our relationships with both.

“We as humans are lost without our connection to land and to one another, and the state of things around us is a reflection of that. The truth is that everything is inextricably linked and everything we do impacts something. For me, to create is to connect with truth, and through this I want to bring people a sense of peace and a sense of place.”

Her work is a communication of how all things are interrelated, with organic forms, textures, colour and flow being her signature. This approach brings a richness and complexity to a multitude of styles.

Curls Lisa Rodden

This image makes me uncontrollably happy

Curls Closeup Lisa Rodden

Double Gasp.

Rodden Fish Closeup

Just paper, paint and lots of love

A work of art

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