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March 23, 2012

A whimsical and inventive in-store installation design. photos: schan

Spring is definitely in the air. Much to retailers’ delight, the unseasonably warm air entices women to window shop and sometimes, ahem, store shop. On such an adventure, I stumbled upon a beautiful in-store design that was short of a full blown art installation.

From afar, the delicate colors were ethereal. The pattern, mesmerizing. The overall visual effect – Feng Shui flow awesome-ness! I had to get closer. What the heck was it?


A closer look at the design


Um, I forgot what they are selling

J Crew gloves

A closer look at the building blocks of the beautiful design

The store in question is J. Crew! Nope, I couldn’t believe it either. My image of J. Crew (at least in my limited memory) has been of mannequins sporting stylish basic khakis and colorful Jackie-O inspired outfits. But look! J. Crew has gotten on the recycling, upcycling, whatever you want to call it, bandwagon. I realized as I got closer (and before the security guard scolded me for taking photos), that the beautiful designs were vintage leather gloves. At that very moment, my Feng Shui designer self was so happy and inspired.

To me, that is what Feng Shui is all about – making your environment beautiful, playful and inspiring so that it makes you smile each time you look at it. Even better when the materials used are not harmful to Mother Nature. Yay J. Crew!

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