Stairway to Heaven

April 22, 2012
Floating Stairs01

Lovely to look at, but is it easy to climb? all photos: akira nishikawa

These lovely stairs were designed by APOLLO Architects in their newest building in Kitayama-cho, Fuchu, Tokyo called Ring. The overall look is serene and airy but the staircase makes me a bit nervous. Chi is a very important element in Feng Shui. The energy of a home needs to move smoothly and effortlessly for the occupants to receive the greatest benefit. If energy or Chi is not moving in the best way, it can be corrected with the help of Feng Shui adjustments.

Floating Stairs 02

Kinda scary looking up. Imagine looking down.

When risers (or the back of stairs) are not present in the staircase, energy cannot flow correctly as it will fall through the space between the steps.

Floating Stairs 03

Regardless, the upstairs space is breathtaking

An easy fix? Place plants below the stairs so that if the chi does seep through, the upward energy of the plants (plants signify upward growth) will help raise the chi back up. And who doesn’t love a beautiful indoor plant landscape? Some examples are below.

Zen garden under a staircase. photo:

Just don't forget to water them! photo:

For a warmer aesthetic. photo:

Read more about the Apollo project at Design Milk:

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