We got a couple of Phoenixes in the House

May 21, 2014

An amazing sculpture of the ethereal phoenix. You won’t believe what it’s made of. All images: feng shui creative

Fast! Run over to St. John the Divine in upper Manhattan to get a glimpse of the amazing work by Chinese artist, Xu Bing.

Ok you don’t really have to run. I was just so enthralled by the installation when I saw it that I want everyone to run over there too. Two phoenix sculptures were installed last February (aptly selected for the Chinese New Year I am almost certain) and will be on display until February 2015.

Stunning detail of Feng’s wing.

The phoenix is very symbolic in Feng Shui as it is one of the powerful and emblematic celestial animals. It joins the black tortoise, azure dragon and white tiger. If you visit the sculpture, you will notice that there is not just one, but two phoenixes. In Chinese philosophy, Yin/Yang, describes how everything in life has a counterpart. Dark/light, Moon/sun, Woman/Man. Xu had this in mind when he created the phoenixes. He created a larger male phoenix named Feng, and a smaller (in no way less spectacular) Huang, the female. Two gorgeously complementary sculptures that seem to shimmer in the majestic halls of the cathedral.

So get on over there. No, you don’t have to run but remember you have 9 more months to go see it. You have no excuse to miss it. Well, unless you don’t live in NY. In that case, see the beautiful slide show and read more about it here.

A visitor post-it wall in many languages and filled with many wishes and sentiments.

Sorry couldn’t resist. Apparently the staff at St. Johns has a good sense of humor.

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