Finding Your Nest, Feng Shui Style

June 4, 2014
Make moving smooth sailing

Make moving smooth sailing. image:

New York is a city of movers and shakers. Especially this time of year. It seems like everyone is either dreaming of moving, actively looking for a new home or just changed residences. That’s alot of chi movement. In Feng Shui, the Chinese philosophy of balance or yin/yang is of utmost importance. We don’t want anything to be too hot or cold, too bright or dark, too masculine or feminine. Chi or energy should also move a proper pace – not so slow that energy is stagnant and not too fast that things quickly burn out or move through before enjoying them. These concepts also apply to real estate.Many moons ago, I lived in a tiny, bizarrely shaped apartment in New York City. While often very charming, “cozy” spaces may also create stagnant or confusing energy. Or the opposite may happen – a sprawling loft space has 20 foot vaulted ceilings and huge windows. Beautiful in theory but can be challenging for the occupants, especially if their personal chi is not particularly strong or grounded. Due to these real estate challenges, many homes require alot of Feng Shui love. So let’s serve it up!

The Feng Shui process for real estate (aka movin’ and shakin’) can be broken down into 3 phases:

Phase 1: Looking for a new space
Phase 2: Leaving your existing space
Phase 3: Moving into your new space

This week, let’s start with Phase 1: Looking for a new space. Many people come to me to either fix where they currently live or to make sure things are right once they move into a new space. All great ways to use Feng Shui, but the most beneficial way to use Feng Shui is before you move. Using Feng Shui can help you find the best space to support your personal goals and make sure the energy of the space matches your personal energy. Floorplans come in really handy when looking at these prospective spaces. Want to improve your career? Look at how opportunities are presenting themselves in the new space. Want to meet that perfect someone? Make sure that the relationship section of the home is intact and even overflowing! Here are 3 basic yet important tips that you can always keep in your back pocket when scouting out a new home:

  • Look for a spacious and bright entryway – Feng Shui is all about feeling happy and expansive in your space, especially when you first walk in. Make sure it’s bright and there is enough room to move around once you are in your doorway.
  • Inspect the doors –  Doors signify the mouths of the adults of the occupants. Imagine the havoc in communication if those doors were banging up against each other, not closely correctly or incessantly squeaky!
  • Look beyond the surface – Check for issues such as non-working stove top burners, burnt out light sockets and water leaks. Negotiate getting them fixed before moving in.

Lastly, pay attention to how you feel when you first walk through the front door. We often ignore our instincts but they tell us everything. If something about the space makes you hesitate, consider going back to the drawing board because that perfect space is out there with your name on it. Stay tuned for next week when we’ll be discussing Phase 2: Leaving an existing space – what to do after you have found your new place and learn how Feng Shui can help you make a smooth and harmonious transition.

This need some work. photo:

Challenging scenario but don’t fret! It can be rectified using Feng Shui remedies. photo:

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