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May 14, 2014
Just like in the Price is Right. Well, almost. photo: decorasia.wordpress.com

Just like in the Price is Right. Well, almost. photo: dropdesign.com

I’ve always loved doors – colorful doors, quirky doors, classic doors. It doesn’t matter. Doors have a big significance in Feng Shui. Your front door is where energy enters your space (ideally) and where potential opportunities come in. It is also said that the doors of the home represent the mouths of the individuals who use the space. That being said, it makes you wanna clean up your doors alittle bit eh?

If you were opportunity, wouldn’t you want to knock on this handsome door? photo: nobswall.com

Here are some general door rules:

Use your front door as much as possible. Yes, even if you use the side/back door to unload groceries and the grimy kids. Use your front door enough to let opportunities know that this is where they should find you and will be welcomed.

Make sure you can open your doors at least 90 degrees. If not, you’re energetically blocking your chi or energy. Don’t do that.

Doors should open and close properly. Have a door that sticks? Or one that squeaks each time you open it? Besides it being annoying, think back to what we said about doors in general in Feng Shui: Doors represent the mouths of the adults who use the space. Avoid miscommunications with doors that open easily and avoid gossip or whining and oil those hinges!

So the next time you notice the numbers on your front door falling off, or the paint peeling, think about what this signifies and get busy to fix it up. Not only will you find more opportunities coming your way but also smoother communication between you and your loved ones.

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