Waves of Beauty

March 9, 2011

Defying Feng Shui principles

A walking day in New York always reveals some lovely things. I had never seen this beautiful building before and was stopped in my tracks when I saw it. It’s almost as if in the grey downtown landscape, a refreshing wave of water revealed itself. The Synagogue for the Arts is located at 49 White Street. In Feng Shui architecture, a building that is sandwiched between and even floors shorter than the ones beside it is seen at a disadvantage. Not in this case. The brilliance of the exterior surface coupled with the undulating shape is reminiscent of a ocean wave on a clear day. This to me represents the rising energy or chi of water that can overcome many things. It’s no wonder that it is a prayer and meditation space as well as a community center.

Usual Anthropologie ingenuity

I regularly visit the store Anthropologie for their brilliant window displays that are always recycled and eco-conscious. They didn’t disappoint this time. When you first view the window, you see a grand and flowing you-don’t-really-know-what. But it looks and feels good. Upon further inspection, you see that it’s just cut fabric bits, probably from reclaimed clothes, that have been attached together by safety pins. Yup, safety pins.

A very inexpensive design idea

So when you’re thinking next time that you would like to spruce up your home and change the chi but don’t have enough money to do it, think like Anthropologie. Look around your home and in nature, use your creativity and most importantly have fun! Remember your intention is your most powerful tool!


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