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September 26, 2012

Feed your body and soul. photo: earthdiva.com

“Isn’t Feng Shui only about moving furniture around or choosing a paint color?” Yes, those are definitely Feng Shui elements but just part of the equation. Think about it, how does moving your furniture and painting your bedroom wall a color you love make you feel? If done right, you should feel happy and supported, ready to bring in what you want in life. We say in Feng Shui that how you feel creates your environment and vice-versa.

You can Feng Shui anything – your office, your car, even your computer screen. During this transition into Fall, why not apply it to your plate? Mama said….eat your vegetables! How many people around you are sniffling, sneezing and already down for the count? Eating well and keeping healthy during this period is so important especially when we are quickly moving into that stressful holiday time of year.

I wanna try these! Chinese Red Meat Radishes. photo: manilamarket.com

Here are 3 ways to apply Feng Shui to your plate at mealtime:

  1. Color – Make your plate as colorful a palette as possible. Different colors in Feng Shui nurture, inspire, ground and heal. Naturally colorful foods are best for you too!
  2. Effort – Never heard of that veggie at the market? Buy it and find a recipe for it. Feng Shui remedies take effort to get results. Enjoy the preparation and don’t rush through the process.
  3. Gratitude – Give thanks for the food that is on your table. Recognize that not only your appetite is satisfied but your spirit is too. Visualize that your chi is growing larger and stronger.

Colorful pasta dinner. photo: tastespotting.com

Don’t know what to buy? Here is a list of Fall fruits and vegetables from www.about.com. Eat well and thoughtfully and feel your chi and health thrive and prosper this season!

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