Jon Sandifer, man extraordinaire

September 18, 2012

Jon Sandifer, Feng Shui master.  photo:

A very loved Feng Shui colleague sadly passed away this weekend, Jon Sandifer. I never personally met him, but the outpouring of international love is testament to the man he was.

Jon was best known for his boundless positive energy and his love of teaching through seminars and books he wrote on Chinese astrology, face reading and holistic nutrition. His book, Feng Shui Astrology is a staple in my library and has provided me invaluable knowledge on countless occasions.

Thank you Jon for your tremendous contribution to the Feng Shui community and to the world. You will be so terribly missed. Rest in Peace.


  • Stephen Bray says:

    It’s incredible to read that Jon has passed away. I was thinking of looking him up on my next visit to the U.K.

    Back in the 1980s he used to visit my house in Manchester each month and would give Macrobiotic consultations and talks.

    One night I gave him a lift somewhere and he explained his philosophy. Someone had suggested to him that all life is suffering but Jon had flabbergasted them by saying he disagreed completely. ‘Life’, he said, ‘is a playground’.

    It was one of those comments with the power to shatter illusions. It certainly broke through a number of mine.

    Later I heard he was ill with a kidney disease. That was thirty years ago, so he must have made a recovery.

    Back in the days I knew Jon he would turn up at the East West Centre wearing red motorcycle leathers, which seemed somewhat out of place for a Macrobiotic specialist.

    On the other hand Jon was never conventional. Although coffee is not recommended under a Macrobiotic regime Jon liked a mug of strong filter coffee back then to get him going, or to stimulate him for an evening talk.

    He explained that when people first became interested in wholefoods in the U.K. there was no means of buying various grains individually. The solution was to buy birdseed, and then groups of people would laboriously separate individual grains using rulers for bagging and sale.

    I’m sure the Feng Shui continues to miss Jon. There was far more to him than rearranging your outward environment.

    • Susan says:

      Stephen thank you so much for sharing these touching memories of Jon. I was not lucky enough to meet him but from what others have posted, it sounds like he was a joy. Yes, the Feng Shui community certainly does miss Jon.

  • Chrissy mac says:

    I was lucky to meet Jon and be taught by him in the 80s. I met him several times but the most momentous one was at a residential course he did on all aspects of Chinese diagnosis. It was a fabulous course with food provided by an amazing macrobiotic chef from londons east end. My first time to try it and it was amazing. But it was Jons energy that impressed me. He was totally relaxed about himself and he was very ill at the time but he still carried on even sitting on the floor propped up against the wall teaching. He had such knowledge and was ver unassuming . I was sad to only find out some 3years late that he had died. But glad that I had the god fortune to meet a great individual as him. Rarely found today.

  • L.B. says:

    I met Jon on a Feng Shui Lecture he gave in Manchester and he struck me as rational and realistic unlike others I had met who would tell people to block out any windows they had in the West sides of there house. He talked a lot of sense and yes he did recover well from his Kidney problems as he talked about it on the course. A really nice man offering good advice. x

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