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December 14, 2011

Dr Dre Headphones

Dr Dre Headphones that are rocking NYC. photo:

When I’m walking the streets of New York or riding our lovely subway system, I am always floored by how many people are on their gadgets. Iphones, kindles, nooks, ipads etc. I understand, commuting is a bore. But what stood out to me even more is what many of them were wearing on their heads – different colored headphones embellished with a “b.” I always wondered what the brand was but never had access to Google on the subway platform (I have that addiction too). When I did finally remember to research, I found out that the headphones are made by old school rapper, Dr. Dre. How cool is that?

Believe it or not, I was able to find something cooler. Not only are these EOps Noisezero O+ Eco headphones sleek and beautifully designed, they are good for the planet too! Created by British designer Michael Young and ever-cool Paris store owner Colette (**turn down your volume when you click this link!**), these headphones are the “world’s first recyclable designer over-ear headphones.” What you say?? That’s incredible to my ears and they’re on the top of my holiday wish list.

Hi Tech Gold Headphones

Razzle dazzle headphones. photo:

According to,

…the headphones are crafted using cornstarch bio-plastic, stainless steel and aluminium, all of which are recyclable. A 50mm Titanium-coated HD driver unit with neodymium iron boron magnet generates the sound while eliminating unwanted vibration, and bio-plastic ear chambers and sheep leather ear pads have been used to give comfort and improve sound quality.

Thank you Santa! I promise to leave you more cookies this year.

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