Chinese New Year Chow Down

February 5, 2016

This guy is gonna make sure you have a great year! Watch him make noodles here

Earlier this week you found out that one great thing to eat for Chinese New Year is long noodles.

That’s because long noodles symbolize long life. I know you knew that.

And I promised you that if you weren’t so kitchen savvy, that I’d help you out this week.

I’m not backing down on my promise. I’ve got that down pat as well as some other Delicious goodies that begin with the letter D.

The Fire Monkey is just 3 days away and he’s getting hungry!

Here are some things to eat (and places to feed you) to help you tame the hungry beast.

1) Hand Pulled Noodles – I will repeat. Long noodles = Long life. Eat long time.

This guy is gonna make sure you have a great year!

Bonus: Recommended noodle spots with some great reviews:

  • Tasty Hand Pulled Noodles: 1 Doyers Street, New York, NY 10038
  • Sheng Wang: 27 Eldridge Street, New York NY 10002
  • Lam Zhou: 144 E Broadway, New York, NY 10002

2) Dumplings – These little packets of happiness symbolize exactly that, packets of happiness. Most often eaten during the Chinese New Year, it’s associated with happiness and celebration. Even the shape of Chinese dumpling is auspicious – the ample forms resemble  gold and silver ingots of ancient China’s currency. In modern day, people squish them in this shape to welcome in fortune and wealth.

Think of them as little money pouches.

Think of them as little money pouches.

Bonus: Recommended dumpling spots with some great reviews:

  • Prosperity Dumpling: 46 Eldridge Street, Chinatown
  • Tasty Dumpling:  42 Mulberry St, Chinatown.
  • Kai Feng Fu Dumpling House: 4801 8th Ave, 48th/49th Streets in Sunset Park, Brooklyn
  • Pacificana: 813 55th Street in Sunset Park, Brooklyn

3) Fish – Lastly, we have the food of the wealthy – Fish! The Chinese love eating fish since the word sounds like ‘surplus’ in Chinese (I’m sure it’s because fish is yummy too). According to the Chinese, it is encouraged to have an extra sumthin’ sumthin’ at the end of the year, since that little sumthin’ means that it’s possible for you to make sumthin’ even mo’ in the following year. So yeah, ditch the idea that fish only makes you smart. It will also make you rich!

The food of the rich and brainy.

The food of the rich and brainy.

Bonus: Recommended seafood spots with some great reviews:

  • Ping’s Seafood: 22 Mott St, Chinatown
  • China Pearl: 8222 45th Ave Elmhurst, Queens
  • Lucky Eight: 5204 8th Ave, Borough Park, Brooklyn

So remember, plan to prepare a wonderful meal or to have the meal prepared for you on Chinese New Year. Include a couple of these dishes to make sure that the Year of the Monkey starts off on the right foot.

Your turn!

Do you have a favorite Chinese restaurant that just kicks butt on these foods or another dish? Share it in the comments below and until then, happy eating!

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