Your Answers are in Your Numbers

January 28, 2016
These numbers are more powerful that they appear. image: bradley keen

These numbers are more powerful that they appear. image: bradley keen

A friend the other day was telling me about the heated “discussion” that she had with her boyfriend.

It went something like this:

Friend: Whenever he gets stressed out from work, he shuts down. It’s like I’m not there. And all I want to do is make him feel better. But when he doesn’t respond, I get annoyed. It happens all the time and I don’t know what to do.

Me: That’s because when M is stressed, he’s goes up to his Mountain. When you see that, you want to nurture him which makes him go deeper into his cave. It makes TOOOTTALLLL sense.

Friend: (eyes the size of golf balls) OMG, exactly! How did you know that?

Me: Ancient Chinese Secret (glint in my eye)

I continued to tell my friend how she and her beau could better interact with each other these stressful moments, while honoring themselves and each other.

She also gained some crucial information, specific to her, that would help her navigate through this DYNAMIC Monkey year coming up.

With this insight, my friend skipped home, happy to have a better understanding of what to do to help move her business forward. She also knows now what to look out for the next time a stressful moment came up with her boyfriend.

Job done. Next! 🙂

I know, I’m always throwing you a curveball with new Chinese stuff, but you know, it’s my job.

There is so much information available to you that I would like to share so you can start living the most awesome version of your life!

So you already know what your Western sign and your Chinese animal are.

What else is there to know?

Your Chinese astrological numbers!

When I started working with these numbers with my clients years ago, I could not believe the accuracy and information that it provided.

Not only did Chinese Astrology help clients with getting to know themselves better in different situations such as with relationships or career, it even advised when to take (or not) take action for a certain activity in life.

To break it down in a nutshell, here is what you need to know:

Each person has specific numbers that correlate to their birthday and with that information, we can glean the information to better know yourself, better interact with others and learn how to use this information to your advantage.

THEN, you have the energetic number of the Universe. Let me explain. Each year, the Universe supports you in a very specific energetic way. Knowing what this energetic support is can help boost your career forward, strategically plan your year, alleviate potential health issues and be the deciding factor in potentially making or breaking your year.

So why wouldn’t you want to be in the know?

Using the Universe's help can make your year THAT much easier.

Using the Universe’s help can make your year THAT much easier.

The information is right at your fingertips. Cool right?

To find out more about about Chinese Astrology readings or to book a reading, contact me! I’d love to help provide the info you need to make this Year of the Monkey a super awesome one.

Your turn!

Have you already started noticing a shift in the energy of yourself or the energy around you last year (Nov-Dec?). That was the Goat already handing the baton to the Fire Monkey. Let us know what you’ve been experiencing because this shift is real! 🙂

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