How to Create Big Change in Your Life

April 13, 2016
There is such beauty in releasing. image:

There is such beauty in releasing. image:

This past month has been a doozy. No joke.

As I’m a reasonably sensitive person, the swirling energy of the recent Spring Equinox (new beginnings), the flurry of planetary dancing (eclipses/new/full moons anyone?) along with my own life situations have come together to create this magnificent, perfect doozy.

And boy did it show in my space – newspapers and books piling up, a million unfinished projects lingering, leaving my desk looking like a war zone by the end of the week.

In the past, I would have gone into go, go, go, fix, fix, fix mode, not even taking a minute to breathe.

Eventually my “plow through it” attitude would take me down – either by getting me sick, or launching me into full blown overwhelm, sending me to hide under my covers.

It was an exhausting cycle that kept me in a holding pattern.

I’m sure this doesn’t even sound remotely familiar to you.

Thankfully, over the years, I have developed some pretty decent tools that have helped myself and others move through during these challenging times.

To start creating change in your life, you must cultivate the expert sniffer-outer in you; detecting the first signs of sneaky patterns as soon as they rear their little heads.

You may notice that you are regularly forgetting your keys or you have developed a dull pain in your shoulder that is annoying but not enough to get it looked at. If you allow yourself to really see, feel and to be in the moment, you will notice that catching these early signs is easier than you think.

Experience has shown me that your outside world is totally telling you what is going on in your inside world.

Almost all discomfort, pain, and unease is a result of not being able to let go. And developing this awareness in the early stages can potentially save you a deep dive into overwhelm or paralysis.

Ask yourself the simple question, “What am I holding onto that I need to let go of?” 

Forgetting your keys may mean you may need to let go of overcommitting yourself to allow room in your schedule to breathe.

Having a dull pain in your shoulder may mean letting go of the idea that you have to “work hard” to get the results you desire.

Get the picture?

So first step is awareness, second step is asking, what do I need to let go of?

Third step then, is to let go.

Be patient with yourself as you learn these new skills.

The process of change takes presence, practice and most importantly patience.

Remember my messy desk? The zone of combat, reminded me to let go of overdoing and take care of myself. It really is that simple.

Your turn!

What are the small signs that are begging for your awareness? What are the things/emotions/thoughts that you can let go of today? 

Share it in the comments below. Would love to hear where you are in the process!

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