Brooks Brothers Wellness Fair

June 15, 2013

Susan getting ready and excited to share some Chinese astrology. all photos: Feng Shui Creative

What a great week it’s been – if you don’t count the weather and the clouds and storms that courted NYC recently. I am feeling the transition of the season and the excitement that usually precedes the long awaited summer temperatures. Change of seasons often get us thinking about changing things around our home and warm weather outdoor activities usually has us reviewing our health and wellness.

Brooks Brothers was thinking this too. Christina and I took part in their employee Health and Wellness Fair since June for them was “take care of your health” month. The event took place at the BB’s headquarters in the heart of midtown Manhattan. We were thrilled to have a wonderful spot in the room – the command position – with perfect view of the door as well as the whole room. And as luck would have it, our neighbors in pain management, were handing out homemade chocolate pudding. Talk about getting positive qi or energy coming our way!

Christina finally getting a moment to pause from speaking about Feng Shui inspired interior design.

We received great interest in our services and everyone loved getting their Chinese astrology calculated for them right on the spot! We had a lot of fun and are pleased with the turnout and response. We raffled off a complimentary 15 minute floorplan evaluation and the winner will be announced soon. Thank you Brooks Brothers for taking care of your employees and to A Balance Life for a great show. Enjoy your weekend and Happy Father’s Day to all the dads!



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