Yes, France and England

June 19, 2013

A great gem of an addition to Williamsburg Brooklyn. all photos: Feng Shui Creative

If you are looking to furnish your home with some great items, look no further. French & Scouser is where it’s at. An electric mix of modern and reclaimed vintage, F&S will make your space feel instantly hip and chic. The store’s launch party was last week and I was impressed because the soirée reflected the brand perfectly. Let me explain. The name French and Scouser was dreamt up by a French Mademoiselle and English Lady, Dorothée Walliser and Diane Ormrod respectively. Putting their patriotic differences aside, they joined aesthetic forces and voilà, F&S was born. Global love. Paté, saucisson and tea sandwiches were washed down with a Pimms inspired cocktail. Lovely.

A friendly guest says hello to musician Jeremiah Cymerman of podcast 5049.

The energy of the space was infused by beautiful design, creative guests and happy animals. Did I mention the great finger food and ingenious drinks? A good time was had by all. Félicitations Dorothée and Diane!

The lovely ladies, Diane and Dorothée.

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