Bridging the Divide

November 6, 2012

What are you waiting for? Go out and Vote! image:

Have you gone out to vote yet? I voted this morning and I have a wonderful ritual on Election day –  a silent and peaceful walk to and from my voting location having the utmost gratitude that I am free from harm and have choices and have my voice heard. I always forget that wonderful feeling as I approach the “Vote Here/Vote Aqui” signs. It makes me so proud to be American. The east coast just withstood the wrath of Hurricane Sandy so Election Day has brought a glimmer of sunshine for me –  a reminder of the liberty, resiliency and democratic system of this great country.

Sadly, it was pretty empty this morning. Hopefully we’ll have better turnout throughout the day. photo:

My ballot using the new paper and scanning system. photo:


Mercury goes into retrograde starting at 7pm tonight which means that after that time, there may be many more delays and disruption of communication. So don’t wait any longer. Go out and vote right now. It doesn’t matter who you vote for, let’s just ask that whoever is our President for the next 4 years will embrace bipartisanship so that we can overlook Republican/Democratic differences and work together to get things done. When you scan your ballot today, do a Feng Shui remedy. Set your intention and visualize wonderful advancements in our country such as lower unemployment and peaceful international relationships. And smile as your vote is making a difference. I don’t usually preach politics but I encourage you to vote today. The qi of our country needs you. No matter where you stand, make your voice heard. It counts.

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