Activating your Career Path

August 27, 2014

See this as an empty path or the path to your career opportunities. image: feng shui creative

There are no jobs out there.
Nobody is hiring.
The economy is really bad.
I feel sorry for recent graduates or anyone looking for a job.
I’m lucky to have the job I have, so why would I look anywhere else?

Here’s what I say to all of this chatter:

(sorry for my French, mom)

Don’t believe the hype. Those of us who are accustomed to living and in the alternate world (read: metaphysical world), know that there is more than enough opportunities, abundance and success to go around.

Society and the media drill into us that success is hard to come by and even if you’re one of the lucky ones, it’s not guaranteed. This creates fear. This creates lack.

Here’s how not to get sucked in.

Have you ever gotten a raise when you knew the company you worked for was not doing well? Or how about signing on a new client when “nobody is spending any money?”  This happens all the time, even in a bad economy.

Help create more work opportunities by using the following Feng Shui remedies and rituals to activate the “career”  part of your space and your brain:

1) Water your Career section – The Career section of the bagua is related to the Water element so put things in this area that has qualities of water. It can be as literal as a water fountain or a photo of your favorite lake or waterfall. Figurative representations of water work well too. Mirrors in Feng Shui represent water due to its moving and reflective qualities. Hang a fun mirror in this section and watch your opportunities flow in.

2) Fire up your Fame section – The Fame/Reputation section of your space is symbolized by the Fire element so light it up! Place objects here that are red, or put candles that you burn regularly. As this is your reputation area, you can also put things that you are recognized for such as diplomas and licenses. If you want to be known for your artwork, hang up your artwork and put some fiery red into it!

To find your Career, Fame/Reputation sections of your space, align this bagua with your front door. image: Feng Shui Creative

To find your Career, Fame/Reputation sections of your space, align this bagua with your front door. image: Feng Shui Creative

3) Make sure you are in Command – You have heard me drone on and on about this one. I will continue. Because it’s that important. When sitting at your desk, dining table or couch, make sure that you can comfortably see the door. If not, life will always keep you feeling a bit “on edge.” Feeling empowered when putting yourself out to the world makes all the difference, so go move your stuff!

4) Clear the Channels – Another repeat hit. Make sure that both Career and Fame/Reputation areas are free of clutter and allow you to move around easily and effortlessly. Opportunities will not like having to worm their way through.

5) Converse with the Universe – Here’s the woo-woo element but it’s so darn powerful. Tell the World what you want. You want an office overlooking 5th Avenue? Write it, say it, mean it. You want a job that you don’t think you can get? Write it, say it, mean it. The Universe is actually clamoring to send success your way, you just need tell it exactly what you want, then get out of the way.

Just remember, when doing any of the tips, the most important thing is to set your intention and have the feeling like you already have the job/opportunity or the job/opportunity is already on the way, because it is!

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