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December 23, 2009

Many of my friends and new people I meet are working from home. The new work from home trend is probably due to the state of the economy but I think it is a blessing in disguise. Many people are taking the time to re-evaluate, go back to the drawing board and re-emerge with some really great ideas. Whether you are using your home office to look for new work or to start or maintain a business, it’s always good to make sure that your working area is arranged so it is conducive to focus and inspiration.

There are many factors that influence the good Feng Shui of an office space but I’ll only touch upon which I feel are two very important ones – command position and flow. Since it’s difficult to give “cure-all” suggestions without visiting the space or meeting and talking to the people who will be using the space, these suggestions are general enough that if followed can make a huge difference in the chi or energy of the room.

I usually see this common scenario – the desk is set up so that the person working at the desk has the window view, back to the door. This person is not in the commanding position of the room. When seated, you want to be able to see who is coming through your door so that you are not surprised, allowing you the most focus and concentration. Ever notice when you see office scenes on TV that the desk is always set up so that the person at the desk is facing the visitor when they walk in? That is done so that when the camera is rolling, we can get a full view of the person behind the desk and not just the back of that person’s head. Feng Shui actually agrees with Hollywood. If this configuration is not possible, hang a mirror up in front of you or place one on your desk so that you can see who is coming in the door without having to move your head.

If your back is up against a wall, make sure that you have proper space behind you so that you do not feel trapped in. Allow air to properly flow behind you. Do you have piles of papers and books on your desk, walls and floor? Take a day or two to file away papers and books, scan in important documents and shred sensitive information. Having things properly stored away gives your brain needed rest and literally gives you room to breathe.

Here are some images of desks in the command position with nice flow. Now if anyone can just recommend solutions to hide the multitude of wires, I’d be greatly and forever thankful.

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