December 21, 2009

Funny thing happened when I went to visit my parents. My mom freaked out when saw my beautiful blue chrysanthemum brooch made of felt that I bought from my friend Rhea’s company, Digs, As you can see from the photo, these brooches are wonderful and original. I can understand that it’s not everyone’s taste but I have gotten alot of compliments since I’ve been wearing mine. But I didn’t expect this, “Why are you wearing that blue flower on your coat?” my mom asked me. I smiled, “Oh isn’t it great? I love it!” With a dour expression on her face, my mom said, “When Chinese people wear blue flowers, that means that someone has died.” Oh boy. I thought it was just white flowers. I knew that in Chinese culture, white flowers indicate a death. I didn’t realize that blue flowers too. My mom suggested that I add something red to it to offset the possible negative perception. After a bit of research, I found that for the traditional Chinese, chrysanthemums indicate long life, but wearing blue flowers, particularly in the hair can indeed indicate a bad omen.

I would definitely encourage you to buy one or more of Dig’s beautiful brooches made in Peru. Not only are they beautiful but sustainable since they are made from repurposed/recycled felt used to make traditional Peruvian Andean felt hats. Just be sure if you buy the blue chrysanthemum, add something red to it when visiting my mom!

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