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October 12, 2011

International Feng Shui Guild NY Chapter

My Feng Shui peeps

Call me crazy, but in my limited free time, I volunteer. That’s right, no bonbons on the sofa for me during half-time. Most people (including my hubby) think I’m crazy because in a city like New York, people can barely find the time to do their laundry and here I am up late at night…volunteering. But let me tell you why I volunteer. Having worked with many clients, an overarching theme that comes up is one of “belonging.” The usual suspect questions are, “Why am I here?, What is the purpose of my life?” or “Where do I belong?”

I am absolutely no exception to the rule. I often pose myself these questions especially as a self-employed person. When I decided to take the plunge from graphic design into doing Feng Shui full-time, well let’s not mince my words,  it was downright, doggone scary – “Where do I start? How will I find clients? Will I be able to support myself and my family? Am I crazy?

I didn't want this to be me!

This is much better! photos: 123rf.com

Although I meet with clients all the time, it is inevitable that I will be at my desk, alone, pounding away at my computer. Most of the time it’s ok but on my off days I can get down and dirty, questioning certain things, frustrated by life and work’s challenges. It was then I realized that I needed to find a like-minded support community. Feng Shui-o-philes like myself who just needed to meet like-minded individuals and get much needed support. To make sure we aren’t well…crazy. But at the time that I looked, there was nowhere to go. Most Feng Shui people or groups that I found where defunct or nowhere to be found. But then I found out about the International Feng Shui Guild or IFSG. The International Feng Shui Guild is a professional non-profit organization dedicated to:

•  Advancing the practice, teaching and use of Feng Shui worldwide

•  Promoting and serving our membership with resources, networking opportunities,   publications and a content-rich website

•  Unifying the Feng Shui community by establishing and upholding universal standards in professional practice and education

•  Inspiring public confidence in the professionalism of our members as demonstrated in our by-laws, Code of Ethics and the Feng Shui Universal Topics.

What??? Who would have known?? Right on IFSG! I immediately joined and enjoyed the benefits of the like-minded individuals I was seeking. I was so inspired that last year I took on the commitment as Manager of the Chapter to re-invent, re-ignite and re-vigorate the local New York Chapter of the Guild (that was my personal pledge). Not only did I find what I was looking for, but now I am helping to share it with others.

So back to why I volunteer. It feeds me. It helps others. It feeds me. I belong. It feeds me.

Have you been asking yourself where you go next? Be open and expansive. Go to websites like Meetup.com. Choose an activity that interests you. Is it photography? Knitting? Debating? You can find a group there. Plug into their energy and watch your Chi grow exponentially.

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