Treating your Clutter Affliction with Feng Shui

August 6, 2014
Finding organization and peace in your home. image:

Finding organization and peace in your home. image:

Gotta organize. Gotta get rid of stuff. Gotta make the time to clear my pantry, garage, basement, paperwork. Stuff. Things. Clutter. And more clutter.

Does this scenario sound familiar to you?

I’ve been working with many clients recently who tell me that they are drowning in their stuff. 

They can’t seem to get ahead. Piles get bigger, to-do lists get longer. 

This “Clutter Affliction” can sometimes result in not being able to pay bills or even something more serious like physical health issues.

And don’t be fooled – Clutter Affliction can be caught by anyone, regardless of your financial situation or the size of your home.

I’ve been trying to think back to the days of my parents and grandparents. Did they have Clutter Affliction? I don’t remember Grandma saying to Gramps, “I can’t go out today. I am just overwhelmed with paperwork and I gotta stay in to deal with it.” 

The big clutter culprits I see in our society today are lack of time and overabundance of shiny things that we want to possess. With a shortage of hours, it’s challenging to find time to dedicate to ourselves, our families as well as for decluttering. I mean, we need time to play with our new shiny things, right?

If you are trying to get your Clutter Affliction in check, here are 5 Feng Shui steps for releasing clutter:

Step 1: Set your intention before you buy – Nip it in the butt before it even happens. When you’re at the store thinking about a purchase, ask yourself, what do I need to let go of to make room for this new object?

Step 2: One in, one out – If you decided to bring the object home, go directly to the object you decided to get rid of and GET RID OF IT. I’m serious. Put it in the trash, put in the “give away” pile but just get rid of it. Honor your word, honor your time, honor your home.

Step 3:  Reconsider your storage – When things are in plain view, the visual “noise” can be unsettling and drain your energy. Add a curtain to your home office if it’s out in the open or instead of things sitting out on shelves, consider putting them in storage boxes so it’s outta sight. In this case, outta sight, outta mind is a good thing!

Step 4: Box Step – Have a box (a nice one of course!) in each room so you can put things in there that live in another room. Less thinking, less energy drain. When you are leaving that room, take the box with you and put the stuff away. Badda bing!

Storage Boxes _FengShuiCreative

Not only are these boxes cute, clutter doesn’t stand a chance. image:

Step 5: Ring my (your) Bell – Everything is energy, people as well as things. When you are dealing with a pile of things to declutter, organize or release, take a bell (something you love to hear) and ring it above the clutter. This action will help you prep for what’s next by breaking up the stagnant energy with an energetic vibration.

And always remember, don’t beat yourself up about your clutter. It’s a fact of modern life. But be sure to follow these directions: Set your intention, use the 5 Feng Shui steps for releasing clutter, receive boundless Abundance. Repeat.

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