New opportunities for Queens?

April 7, 2011
all photos: holl architecture

A shiny new library!

There are five boroughs in New York and they all have their distinct styles and character. I happen to live in Queens, the borough that is on the other side the 59th Street Bridge. We get our share of abuse from Manhattan and Brooklynites alike but I feel it’s a really hidden gem of a borough. There’s an abundance of amazing ethnic cuisines, inexpensive cost of living (for the most part) and it’s only a hop, skip and a jump to midtown Manhattan. What more can you ask for? And as I mentioned in previous post, Queen’s chi is risin’ on up!

And that’s thanks to Architect Steven Holl. According to, Queens is getting a new skyline. I love this for a few reasons. One, they’re incorporating green design. Always a good thing. Two, Queens is getting a new library, insert smily emoticon here. I have a soft spot for Barnes and Nobles but oh how I love libraries. (Note to book hoarders: check books out at the library before committing to spending the money and adding these tomes to your library. Your wallet and your apartment square footage will thank me!) Third and most importantly, Queens will be ripe for new opportunities! Huh? Continue reading below.

Steve Holl Queen Library project

Top: unusual design but the chi payoff is worth it. Bottom: sleek new Queens skyline. All photos:

As you can see, Holl’s design is in no means something you would easily overlook. It’s even giving the vintage Pepsi sign a run for its money. In Feng Shui, it’s like getting a new door or painting your door a new color. Suddenly chi is changed and opportunities are invited in. In adding this new architectural feature to Queen’s skyline, more people may take notice of Queens for the first time, may decide to come visit, may move here or even like it so much, start a business! But even if it’s just for a visit, what the new library is doing is inviting opportunity and movement of chi into Queens. All great things. Thanks Mr. Holl.

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