The Great Outdoors

June 8, 2010
Central Park Summerstage – doesn’t this look like fun???

Free music at Bryant Park!

But if you can’t get outside, this is a beautiful way to bring 
the outdoors, indoors.  Interior Designer: Steven Gambrel

New York weather has been very good to us. Sure they has been a few sticky days but overall we’ve been pretty lucky with Mother Nature. We’re already full speed into June. There are more daylight hours available. What have you done to start taking advantage of this short window of time that we have to be out of doors?

Of course I’m mentioning it because I’m guilty of the inside-the-walls syndrome. It’s so easy these days to get mired in emails and phone calls, forgetting to eat lunch or even to get up to get a drink of water. I’ve made it a goal, a promise to my own personal Chi development to get outside more even if just for a short walk, breathe in fresh air or even – hang on to your seats workaholic New Yorkers – take a day off and head to the park or beach. I am determined not to let this summer slip through my fingers and neither should you. In case you are scratching your head saying, “I’m ready, but what should I do?” If you are in NY, here is a wonderful summer guide courtesy of the nice people at Vanity Fair of all the fun things going on and alot of them are free! So get out there and ENJOY!!!

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