Elevate Your Pet’s Chi

June 4, 2010
Beautiful design for our furry friends too!
Who says that Feng Shui is just for humans? As our beloved cat Keiki (translation: Hawaiian for baby – awh!) gets older, it seems harder for her to bend down to eat her food. Why not also apply Feng Shui principles for her as well? As she is progressing in years, sadly her Chi seems to be slowly sinking. To help elevate her Chi and make it easier for her to chow down – or now chow up – I came across some really lovely yet functional elevated feeding bowls.
Wall mounted to whatever height you desire  http://www.vurv.ca/
This makes me want breakfast in bed!!  http://www.trendypet.com
Designs from both vurv and trendy pet are sleek and simple. They also allow air and energy to flow under the bowls keeping pets happy and their necks less strained. My only difficult decision now is which awesome design I will choose. Any opinions Keiki?

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